How to Overcome That Feeling of Being too Lazy to Workout

We’ve all felt like skipping our workouts every now and then, and most of the time it’s because we’re simply feeling too lazy.

If you are someone who is very active and always maintains their workouts, skipping a workout once in a while is OK. When you make laziness a priority over your workouts, this is when you’re in trouble.

Busy lifestyles often lead to an unhealthy pattern of bad habits. And, while everybody deserves a cheat day, your health is always a priority, which means exercise is on that important to-do list.

If you’ve been feeling unmotivated lately, it might be time to spruce up your workouts or add a little fun to the mix to get you motivated to work out.

Get Over Feeling Lazy and Go Workout

Let’s get back on track and keep your fitness up to date by getting out of the workout rut that you’re in.

1. Get a workout buddy

Having a friend to hold you accountable for your workouts is the best way to keep your commitment to exercising.

Not only will having a buddy get you up and going with your routine, but it can be a way to add a little fun to your exercise knowing that you are doing it with a friend or relative.

2. Add a little competition

Competition will always get people motivated no matter the situation. Challenging yourself to beat your track record or even engaging in a little healthy competition with your peers is sure to get your buttocks off the couch and into the gym.

3. Keep your goals realistic

It’s important to have goals when it comes to your workouts. However, these goals should be realistic and achieved in a timely manner so that you know you are getting results and that your methods are working.

Seeing that you are making progress will only leave you pushing yourself further and setting new goals to achieve.

4. Reward yourself

Positive reinforcement is real and it works. When you have pushed and challenged yourself at the gym, you should reward yourself with a pair of new shoes, because you have deserved it.

Additionally, you will stay motivated to keep working toward your goals and get closer to your next reward.

5. Exercise outdoors

Change the scenery of your gym and take your workout outside. Exploring a new terrain and taking in the beauty of nature is a great way to boost your mental health and incentivize you to workout.

6. Create an exciting playlist

Music has shown to boost endurance and reduce the perception of effort, according to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin.

When you’re listening to your favorite tunes, you tend to have more fun with the beats and don’t realize that you are working out too much, enabling you to go harder and longer.

7. Try new workouts

Engaging in the same exercises time and time again can become extremely boring and reduce one’s motivation to exercise.

Push your boundaries and try out new exercises that you never would have before. Not only will you engage different muscles, but you might be excited to do something new.


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