Tips On How To Perfect Your Box Jumps At The Gym

Boost core strength and get your muscles working by perfecting your box jumps as you workout. Box jumps have slowly become every fitness lover’s go-to workout to up their intensity and add an extra challenge to their routines.

Besides being a fun exercise, box jumps bring the body a ton of health benefits:

  • Increases fat burn
  • Revs up the metabolism
  • Boosts arm, core and leg strength
  • Improves confidence
  • Boosts overall power
  • Gets your heart rate up

If box jumps are new to your routine and you’re not sure if you’re doing them right, take a step back and do some research or get help from your trainer. Box jumps aren’t exactly the easiest exercise to do and they can lead to serious injury if you’re not jumping correctly.

Tips to Perfect Your Box Jumps

The following tips will help you perfect your jump and make sure you maximize your performance as you exercise.

Tip No. 1: Match your squat to your jump

Starting low is OK. Pick a height that is right for you and one that enables you to land with your squat angle rather than a deeper one.

If you are landing deeper than what you used to prep your jump, that box is too high and you should switch it out to a lower one as you practice.

Tip No. 2: Rest period is important

Box jumps require a lot of strength and put your nervous system to the test. Because you need to focus on your form and technique, take one to two minutes between your sets of jumps in order to maximize your performance as you jump.

For best results, engage in two to three sets of five to eight reps with your box jump routine.

Tip No. 3: Perfect your landing

Your landing technique is just as important as your jump. In order to keep your joints happy, you need to improve your landing to absorb the force better and descend at the right pace.

If you’re landing is too hard and too loud, you need to change your box and maybe lower the height for now. The more you practice this, the better you’ll become and the more responsive your muscles will be as you jump.

Tip No. 4: Start your routine with box jumps

The best time to incorporate box jumps into your workout is after your warm-up sessions. You need to start fresh with your box jumps for optimal performance and prepare yourself for the strength training workout in front of you.

The last thing you want is to be tired as you jump as this does nothing for your muscles and will only increase the risk of injury.

Last-Minute Tips

If you haven’t tried to incorporate box jumps yet, grab a plyometric box or head to the stairs and get your routine started. You don’t know what you’re missing.

  • Use both your feet to jump on and off the floor.
  • When you land, your feet should be flat and hip-width distance apart with your knees bent in a squat position.
  • Make sure you use your arms to help you lift off.
  • Your core should always be tight and engaged.
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