How Wearable Tech Can Maintain Your Health

We’re all about fitness these days and it’s for good reason. Staying active keeps our bones strong, our muscles toned, and our moods happy. The exciting news is, we can actually track our fitness activity through wearable tech and further promote our goals of living a healthier life.

What Is Wearable Technology?

Whether you wear it as a watch or a jewelry piece, wearable technology has the ability to connect to the internet and track an individual’s activity by monitoring their heart rate, steps, stress levels, and other functions.

Wearable tech has become a popular accessory seen at the gym, yoga studios, and other fitness spaces and gives the person wearing it an idea of how many calories they have burned or how close they are to their fitness goals.

Wearable Tech and Health

There has been much debate about whether wearable technology can actually improve one’s overall well-being and motivate individuals to get moving. Here are a few ways in which wearable tech can maintain your health.

1. Get You Motivated

Wearing tech that can track how much you move every day can become addicting in a good way. As you strive to keep up with your steps and reach your goals, you will be motivated to stay moving all day long.

The fact is that if this tech gets you standing and moving just a little bit more each day, then you’re still better off than where you started.

2. Manages Stress

Certain devices can remind you to breathe when you’re feeling stressed or tensed. Breathing exercises are a great way to manage your stress and induce relaxation to the mind and body.

By knowing that it’s time to breathe, practicing a few breathing techniques will only help you manage your stress in the long run.

3. Tracks Your Heartbeat

Wearing smart tech when you run, use dumbbells, or perform push-ups allows you to track how many calories you have burned. Wearing this tech can also tell you your pulse rate and monitor your heart to let you know whether it’s functioning properly.

Track your heartbeat as you work out and see which activities really increased your heartbeat and made you sweat.

4. Promotes Sleep

Sleep is probably one of the most important factors when it comes to your health. Having a good night’s sleep is important to the mind and body as it’s when you sleep that the cells start their rejuvenation and repair process.

Wearing tracking technology can improve your sleeping patterns and has the ability to show you your quality of sleep, helping you make necessary changes to improve any irregularities.

5. Improves Your Diet

We can’t talk about fitness and not incorporate the importance of a healthy diet. If you’re not convinced about this one, wearable tech can actually track how much you eat by monitoring your wrist motions per day. Not to mention the alarm that goes off when you’ve taken an extra bite.

If you’re trying to implement portion control or want to stop overeating, investing in tech that has this option might be a good idea to get you closer to your fitness goals.

Quick FAQs

1. How much does wearable technology cost?

Depending on the functionality, brand, and add-on options, wearable devices can cost anywhere from $50 to $500. The average cost is typically around $85.

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