lose weight with intermittent fasting

We’ve already discussed the 5:2 skincare diet that was a spin-off on the same premise, but it seems intermittent fasting is yet again gaining traction for its proven weight loss benefits. It’s diametrically opposite to the 80:20 diet, wherein you are supposed to eat clean for 80 percent of the time, and can indulge for the remaining 20 percent.

However, with the 5:2 diet you can indulge for five days in the week, but have to considerably restrict your calorie intake on two days, to as little as 500.

Interestingly, studies prove that this kind of meal plan gives you about the same results as a diet that restricts calorie intake on a regular basis, which is why weight watchers who find it hard to curb their cravings have reason to rejoice. You just have to be well-behaved for 2 out of 5 days.

The intermittent fasting method promotes food that’s high in fiber, and low-calorie liquids such as water or herbal teas. Make note that you are expected to workout even on the days that you are fasting to only consume 500 calories.

Practically, this works because people don’t tend to over-indulge on feast days to compensate for the fast days, as has been observed. However, you will feel fatigued and moody, as is common when you can’t satiate your hunger.

That said, this diet is not meant for women planning pregnancy, those with type 1 diabetes, or anyone with an eating disorder. But, if you want to change up your routine, are finding it hard to get on a healthy food plan, or are on vacation and want to keep your weight in check, the 5:2 diet is a good alternative.

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