Outdoor Series: Kid Friendly Water Sports For The Whole Family to Enjoy

Summer isn’t over just yet! With back-to-school season slowly approaching, it’s time to squeeze in all the fun you can before your child’s vacation comes to an end. Head to a fun water park, or even the beach, and set out to engage in a little workout and lots of family fun.

Water sports add an exciting element to your family activities. There’s nothing like cooling down from the summer heat with a little splash and some fun memories.

Family-Friendly Water Sports

Check out these water sports for an exciting weekend with the whole family. Don’t worry, if you don’t own any water sports equipment, there are plenty of places that will let you rent canoes and paddle boards or other items for hours at a time.

1. Canoeing

A great way to instill some healthy competition among family members, or to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the calm waters, canoeing is a family-friendly activity that you will want to add to your summer to-do list.

Benefits of canoeing include improved muscle strength, enhanced cardiovascular fitness and increased overall stability.

2. Paddle Boarding

Put your balance to the test and stand up paddle board with the kids! An easy activity that will work out your entire body, paddle boarding will get your heart rate up as you enjoy a little sun action on blue waters.

Benefits of paddle boarding include enhanced core strength and stability, stronger legs and improved balance.

3. Jet Skiing

Known to build a strong heart, jet skiing will bring out your wild side and give you a rush as you race across the calm waters. Whether you decide to head out deeper into the lake or just want to splash around for fun, this sport will keep you engaged for hours at a time.

Benefits of jet skiing include better heart health, improved endurance and stronger arm and leg muscles.

4. Water Polo

Nothing like a fun game of water polo for the whole family to take part in. Get ready to practice your swimming and boost endurance as you engage in this family-friendly game that might last a couple of hours.

Benefits of water polo include increased endurance, improved overall strength and enhanced cardiovascular fitness.

5. Snorkeling

Put on your diving masks and take the family on an adventure to spot the fascinating creatures in the water. An activity that will induce relaxation and leave you feeling satisfied, snorkeling is great for beginners and comes with memories you’ll never forget.

Benefits of snorkeling include improved breathing, reduced stress and enhanced overall mental health.

Safety First

Make sure to bring or rent life jackets for all your excursions. It is important to practice safety, especially when out in the water. Additionally, make sure to slap on some natural sunscreen to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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