Women: Top Natural Protein Powders to Compliment Your Workouts

Protein is the vital nutrient needed by our bodies to repair and rebuild our muscles as we recover from a workout. While it’s important to nourish ourselves with a healthy, well-balanced meal, to get a quick fix before or after the gym, we often reach for a protein shake to supplement our diets.

We’re all going to have varying objectives when it comes to our fitness goals. From weight loss to muscle building to promoting overall strength, there are tons of protein powders that are designed to complement our exercise routine.

What you need to pay attention to is the amount and type of ingredients in the powder. The shorter the list of ingredients, the better the powder. You don’t need any unnecessary chemicals going into your body.

Top Protein Powders for Women

With numerous natural protein powders out there, you can achieve your fitness goals in a clean and healthy way.

1. Garden of Life® Raw Fit®, Vanilla

28 grams of protein

The benefits of this Garden of Life protein powder include immunity boost, reduced stress, fat burn and more. Using only the cleanest, raw products, this protein powder is made from plant sources such as whole grains, seeds and legumes.

Get it at gnc.com for $34.99.

2. Bob’s Red Mill Pea Protein

25 grams of protein

With all nine essential amino acids needed to boost muscle repair and recovery, Bob’s Red Mill pea protein is a must for your shakes. Made from dried and ground peas, it’s perfect for vegetarians looking to up their protein intake.

Get it at amazon.com starting at $16.21.

3. Naked Egg White Protein Powder

25 grams of protein

Coming in with only two ingredients, egg whites and sunflower lecithin, this powder is an excellent choice for those on a paleo and dairy-free diet. There are no added flavors or colors and is soy, gluten and dairy free. The eggs come from non-GMO chickens and the product is 100 percent made in the U.S.A.

Get it on nkdnutrition.com for $64.99.

4. Vega Clean Protein

25 grams of protein

Vega’s plant-based protein powder will promote muscle building and aid in the muscle recovery phase of your workouts. With no added sugars and natural ingredients, this clean protein powder is delicious and perfect to enjoy in your post-workout shake.

Get it on myvega.com starting at $34.99.

5. Klean Isolate™, Chocolate

20 grams of protein

Klean Isolate protein powder contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors and uses isolates instead of whey concentrate. Great for athletes looking to boost their amino acid intake, Klean Isolate will also help to maximize performance and improve your overall health.

Get it at kleanathlete.com starting at $39.

Tips to Leave You With

Make sure to always read the list of ingredients on food and drink items before you purchase them. You will want to keep in mind that protein powders with the least amount of ingredients are healthier and cleaner for your body.

Artificial sweeteners and flavors should be avoided. Always remember the key is to enjoy everything in moderation. While it’s OK to incorporate protein shakes into your diet, make sure you are also maintaining a well-balanced diet to ensure you get all the required nutrients you need.

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