Outdoor Series: Team Sports Playlist for the Summer

Your summer just got a lot more exciting by signing up to play in a basketball league with your friends. Whether you chose to play water polo or engage in a friendly soccer match, there’s no denying the power of team sports and the effect they have on our physical and mental well-being.

Not only do team sports give your body a healthy dose of exercise, they also promote happiness due to the feel-good hormones released during exercise.

Participating in a league may also encourage healthy lifestyle habits, such as opting to practice with your team instead of indulging in happy hour antics.

Some of the added benefits that come with group sports include:

Group Sports to Play This Summer

Bring out your competitive side and engage in some healthy fun with your friends this season. The following group sports will keep you active and make sure you always have exciting plans this summer.

1. Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and is enjoyed by most people, no matter how old they are. The fast-paced game is thoroughly engaging and gives you a good dose of exercise from the constant running back and forth across the court.

An hour of basketball can help you burn about 630 – 750 calories, not to mention, a boost in your basketball skills at the end of the season. Besides keeping you physically in shape, basketball improves coordination and balance, promotes stronger muscles, and enhances concentration and self-discipline.

2. Water Polo

Water polo will not only keep you feeling refreshed from the summer heat but will also give your body and mind major benefits from swimming around to play the sport. Since water polo is played in the water, the added resistance will make your body work harder and get your heart rate up in the process.

Other benefits of playing water polo include weight loss, improved strength, and enhanced endurance. Additionally, water polo is a low impact sport and makes it easy to play if you are injured or if you suffer from bad knees.

3. Soccer

There’s a reason why soccer players are one of the fittest athletes in the sports world. Sculpted legs and toned abs are all part of the game, along with increased flexibility, endurance, and strength that comes with engaging in regular soccer matches.

All that running around on the soccer field will build a stronger cardiovascular system that will also protect you from heart attacks and strokes in the future. Additionally, soccer can help you lower body fat and improve overall health and well-being.

4. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball puts your whole body to work. The extra effort it takes to run on the sand will help you burn a ton of calories and get your heart up to promote a stronger cardiovascular system.

An added benefit of beach volleyball is the improved hand-eye coordination and mental agility boost you get from playing this fun team sport. Beach volleyball is a good sport to play while you are recovering from an injury due to the low injury rate and the ability to maintain your fitness as you recover.

Furthermore, playing this sport can help to improve your flexibility and tone the muscles in your shoulders, arms, upper back, and core.

5. Ice Hockey

Cool off from the summer heat and head to the ice rink for a game of ice hockey! A team sport that improves your overall fitness, ice hockey puts all your muscles to work and gets your heart rate up in the process.

Ice hockey also improves coordination and balance, promotes strong muscles, and is an effective sport to play if you are feeling stressed. If you have never played this sport before, grab a few of your friends and learn a new skill this season.

Stay Active This Season

It’s never too late to try out something new. Team sports are a great way to catch up with your friends and amp up your fitness levels at the same time.

If you are planning on playing these sports outdoors, make sure to slap on some natural sunscreen and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. More importantly, have fun!

Quick FAQs

1. How do team sports affect our social skills?

Due to the interaction and teamwork required in team sports, one can improve their social skills and build stronger relationships with their peers.

2. What are the benefits of team sports?

Team sports benefit the mind and the body in multiple ways. As mentioned above, team sports contribute to overall physical and mental well-being.

3. How do team sports boost self-confidence?

When you improve in your sport, you experience a feeling of accomplishment and are aware of the enhanced skill set you have obtained from practicing the sport. The improved relationships and social interactions also promote self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

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