Outdoor Series: Top 5 Outdoor Activities to Burn Fat

This season is dedicated to spending more time outdoors and appreciating the gift of natural sunlight, fresh air, and a healthy body. If you’re sick of staying inside and need to get away once in a while, exercising outdoors can do a lot of good to the mind and burn a lot of fat.

If your goal is to shed some excess fat, exercising outdoors is possibly one of the best ways to achieve your fat-burning goals. The best part? You’re in control of the location. Whether you want to run on the beach or choose to explore a hiking trail, let your adventurous side kick in and add some excitement to your fitness regime.

While exercising at the gym can give you the workout you need to maintain your health, spending time outdoors gives you a sense of adventure and enjoyment that you can’t really feel anywhere else.

Best Outdoor Workouts to Burn Fat

Switch up your terrain and opt for these alternative outdoor exercises to create new challenges to enjoy and burn stubborn fat in the process.

1. Tennis

Take your cardiovascular fitness to a whole new level and build a strong heart that will protect you from heart attacks and strokes. Tennis is an extremely effective workout to burn lots of calories and shed excess fat from your body.

This high-intensity sport requires you to pick up your speed and the constant back and forth provides a good workout that boosts your heart rate and tones your entire physique.

Tennis does more than just help with weight loss. Your coordination skills will improve and, due to the constant stretching that comes with playing the sport, your flexibility will start to improve as well.

2. Rock Climbing

Combat your fear of heights and try out rock climbing as a new sport. Your whole body benefits from staying in shape. You work on increasing your strength from trying to climb your way to the top of a steep rock.

Rock climbing is not an easy activity to engage in. Your whole body is put to work as you try to navigate your way to the top, therefore, your stamina will improve if you make this a regular part of your routine. Not to mention, you will burn a ton of calories from this challenging activity.

If you have never gone rock climbing before, make sure you go to a supervised facility, where they will keep your safe with ropes and other safety equipment.

3. Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact activity that is gentle on the joints, yet effective in promoting fat burn. Cycling is safe for the environment and keeps the body toned and in shape since you use most of your muscles to perform this activity.

Besides keeping you in shape, cycling comes with additional benefits of reduced stress, reduced risk of disease, and maintains overall physical and mental fitness.

4. Beach Volleyball

Who doesn’t love the beach? Your favorite spot just got a lot healthier with beach volleyball in the mix. Get ready for a full body workout and burning a huge amount of calories during your game.

The sand will challenge your muscles to chase after the ball and your coordination will improve as you work on maintaining a good flow of the ball during the game. Beach volleyball is an incredible cardio workout that gets your heart rate up and keeps you feeling fit all season long.

5. Jump Rope

Feeling a little lazy to leave the house? Step out to your backyard with a jump rope and reap the benefits of a cardio workout right at home. Jump rope provides definition and is known to target the mid-section to give you those abs you’ve been working on all year long.

Jump rope might seem simple, yet is a very effective workout to strengthen the back and shoulders and provide definition to the calves and thighs, leaving you with a killer set of legs.

Remember to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and don’t forget to apply some natural sunscreen to protect your skin.

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