Outdoor Series: Why You Should Take Your Yoga Practice Outside

There’s something about clear skies and fresh air that instills peace and inspiration in all of us. With nature calling us to move our yoga practice outdoors, why would we succumb ourselves to sweaty studios when we can enjoy the sun and beautiful scenery instead?

The possibilities of practicing yoga outside are endless. Not only does taking your practice outside improve your sense of internal awareness, the breathing techniques practiced in nature allow for increased relaxation in our minds.

Take advantage of the seasons and head to the nearest park, or even your backyard, to practice a little yoga for the soul.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga Outside

Yoga is taken to the next level when practiced outside, bringing the mind and body various health benefits in the process.

1. Enhances Meditation Effects

Some studies have shown that meditation can have powerful healing and relaxing effects on the mind. By practicing your yoga routine outdoors, you can benefit from increased meditative effects such as reduced stress and tension.

While a studio can be a safe space to take your practice, nature allows you to be vulnerable and sharpens your focus as you learn to tune out all the outside noise and concentrate on freeing your mind for the time being.

2. Heightens Awareness

The smells, sights, sounds and feels are a lot different outdoors than in your studio. Practicing yoga outside awakens your senses, allowing you to be more aware and present at the moment.

While breathing the fresh air allows for improved breath awareness, some research has found that taking in the beautiful scenery releases endorphins in our brains and increases our happiness levels.

3. Restores Energy

Exercising outdoors gives the body a surge of energy as we stay more alert and aware of our surroundings. The energy that our body is fueled with works well into a powerful Vinyasa flow or any other yoga flow we indulge in.

4. Provides Exposure to Vitamin D

Spending all our time indoors reduces our ability to absorb some healthy vitamin D that supports our immune systems, manages diabetes and boosts cardiovascular health.

Summer allows for long days and extra hours of sunshine, leaving us with no excuses to sneak in a little sun after a long workday. Don’t forget the natural sunscreen to keep you safe from the UV rays!

5. Connects You to the Earth

The act of being barefoot in nature engages all the muscles in your feet and ankles that are different from when they are trapped within your shoes. Connecting with the Earth helps to ground us and brings numerous benefits to the body including improved sleep and reduced stress.

6. Challenges Your Routine

Practicing various postures and poses on uneven and new terrains adds a challenge to your practice and helps you improve vital skills such as balance and focus.

Switching up your routine will leave you with feelings of accomplishment as you master a new terrain and improve on your postures and poses over time.

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