Losing weight is not just about getting into skinny jeans, it's about what you eat and living a healthy lifestyle. Try these simple weight loss tips to cut back on lifestyle diseases.
Everyone craves for a perfectly toned body. Following these simple tips can help you achieve your fitness goals.
Know your fitness level with these easy tips. Get on board with fitness the right way.
Doesn't it seem as though nature opposes the notion of weight loss by anyone, anywhere, at any time? Are you making these weight loss mistakes? Find out the best way to lose weight.
Finding time to work, exercise and spend time with your partner can be difficult at times. Especially for those juggling two full-time schedules. Luckily, couples yoga is designed for a vigorous workout while opening up lines of non-verbal communication.
Not all Yoga poses (asanas) are relaxing, some can get very straining if not done correctly. But be aware! A new yoga study suggests that yoga could lead to spinal fractures, particularly in older woman suffering from Osteopenia.
Many of us are curious about yoga but intimidated by it. We assume it’s only for the super-flexible and impossibly strong. The truth is, no one comes to yoga flexible or doing acrobatic headstands. We all start out as beginners.
Change is good, but it isn’t easy. It takes a toll on the body. It creates stress and causes anxiety, unrest, sickness and disruption in sleep. Luckily, Yoga always help relieve stress. Find out how.

Doga: Yoga With Your Dog

Dogs are like family, why not exercise with family. Here are some of the great benefits of practicing yoga with your four-legged friend. Find out how you and your dog can workout together
Laughter yoga is making waves in the health and wellness world. Here in New York City, where I live, weekly workshops with NYC-based YogaLaff employ gentle breathing and yoga exercises to induce happiness and balance your mind-body connection.