5 Post-Workout Recovery Tools You Need to Try ASAP

Lifting weights or engaging in vigorous endurance exercises puts a lot of stress on our muscles and tissues, which is why the post-workout recovery period is so crucial to repair and rebuild the tense muscles.

After strenuous exercise, giving our muscles the right amount of time and using the right tools is essential to reduce inflammation, build strength and decrease symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.

While foam rollers are a favorite recovery tool used by most individuals, there are various others that will boost muscle recovery and get you up and running to the gym for your next workout.

5 Post-Workout Recovery Tools

Give these recovery tools a try — you might not know what your muscles are missing out on!

1. RumbleRoller Beastie

If you’re suffering from uncomfortable knots, the RumbleRoller is here to help. A little more aggressive than a regular foam roller, this tool will help to massage all the knots out and leave you and your muscles feeling relaxed.

The great part about this tool is that it’s portable and can be used pretty much anywhere. Get it on Amazon for $24.95.

2. Lacrosse Ball

Maybe you have one of these lying around, and if not, it won’t hurt your wallet. Lacrosse balls are great on hard-to-reach spots and extremely effective for kneading out post-workout knots.

Once you’re done massaging your muscles, you can even let go of any extra stress by using the ball as a stress buster and squeezing it with your hands.

3. CEP Recovery Pro Tights

You can’t go wrong with medical-grade compression tights that are designed to reduce swelling and stiffness from exercise. CEP Recovery Pro Tights are available for $120, and they not only look good but will also leave you feeling great.

Worried about how tight they are? Don’t be, once you get them on you’ll know it was worth it.

4. SKLZ Massage Bar

Give your muscles some love with a massage bar to take care of sore areas. The SKLZ massage bar comes with a ball-bearing system that is easy to use and good for soothing any pain or discomfort in the muscles.

Always a good option to have in your gym bag, these massage bars only cost $29.99 and will come in handy when you really need them.

5. Dr. Cool Wrap

You have probably heard of the RICE advice — rest, ice, compression and elevate — for treating sore muscles and injuries. While this is good advice to keep in mind, ice packs are notorious for slipping off and constantly have to be monitored.

Starting at $12.99 on Amazon, Dr. Cool has effective wraps that not only work to cool your muscles down but also come with compression.

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