5 Pre-Workout Snacks That Will Supercharge You

If you feel light-headed, experience fatigue, and lose momentum 15 minutes into your workout, then you haven’t eaten enough complex carbs and consumed enough calories to stay in top form.

It is interesting to note that carbohydrates and calories are avoided in several weight loss plans. So, what makes them important for a pre-workout diet? When you eat carbs, they get broken down into sugar, which is your source of energy.

Calories are the energy required to raise the body’s temperature and, in turn, improve our metabolism. Now, a build-up of excess calories is what causes weight gain.

Truth be told, a simple snacking routine one hour before your workout can really go a long way. As heavy and carb-loaded as they sound, you should definitely give these superfoods a shot to feel the difference.

1Banana & Yogurt

This is a simple-to-make, quick pre-workout snack that can spike your energy levels. The combination fuels your body with 148 calories—89 calories from 100 gm of banana and 59 calories from 100 gm of yogurt.

Banana and yogurt are also extremely easy on the digestive system. If you don’t like bananas, you could try this recipe of Yogurt With Fruits And Nuts.

2Energy Bar

The market is flooded with energy bars, each to suit a specific fitness goal. To avoid consuming unnecessary calories and sugar, pick the right nutrition bar by reading the label. Here’s another recipe of Granola With Sprouted Buckwheat Groats you might like.


This is one complex carbohydrate that is like the ultimate superfood. About 100 gm of oatmeal totals just 68 calories, but the count increases depending on the milk, nuts, and dried fruits you add to it.

You cannot go wrong with oatmeal, whether it is for weight loss, energy and iron deficiency, or Learn More.

4Peanut Butter Sandwich

Sounds unhealthy, right? Well, this snack is a great energy booster, especially when you add multi-grain bread to the mix. You consume about 200 calories per serving—that is, if you only use 2 tbsp of peanut butter.


One large glass of smoothie is enough to kick-start your day, and it works just as well to jump-start your workout.

Smoothies are loaded with calories, so make sure to use skimmed milk and unsweetened recipes to keep the calorie count in control. You could modify this delicious Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie to suit your needs.

PS: The calorie count should be restricted to 200-250 to avoid weight gain.

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Updated July 19, 2018

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