Queer Eye's Tan France and Antoni Porowski's Healthy Habits That Keep Them In Shape
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Fashion and food enthusiasts Tan France and Antoni Porowski know a thing or two when it comes to healthy living and eating clean.

From entertaining us on their hit show Queer Eye to giving us helpful tips on how to stop falling victim to our sweet tooth, France and Pawlowski spill the beans on managing stress and how they stay in shape.

Working long days hardly involves time to relax, and sometimes actively making it a point to squeeze in healthy living in any way can play a significant role in maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

Tan France and Antoni Porowski on Healthy Living

Let’s take a cue from these stars on how they manage to keep their fitness game strong and maintain their overall health.

Habit No. 1: They motivate each other at the gym

Filming Queer Eye often requires them to be on the road and on the go, which means they are limited to the hotel gyms that may not have everything they need.

However, France and Porowski make it a priority to work out and motivate each other to exercise regularly. Having a workout buddy can be an extremely motivating factor when it comes to keeping to your exercises and staying with a routine.

Habit No. 2: They snack on this superfood

France and Porowski swear by Medjool dates, the superfood that does wonders to boost energy and leaves you feeling like you just had a treat. Porowski enjoyed having two dates in the afternoon to help him curb any unnecessary cravings at the end of the day.

Not only do these dates have a satisfying salty, sweet and nutty taste, but they are also rich in protein and fiber, making them a great ingredient to add to a smoothie.

Habit No. 3: They follow wellness influencers

Porowski is a huge fan of medicine practitioner Will Cole (@drwillcole) for his simple technique of sharing his tips and methods on how to cook simple yet delicious meals with lots of veggies.

France, on the other hand, has a total sweet tooth and loves his sugar. His go-to influencer is @claneats_cleantreats who helps him satisfy his sugar cravings with healthier options.

Habit No. 4: They have strategies to de-stress

Filming for so many hours in a day will leave anyone feeling stressed and exhausted, and sometimes it’s hard to come down from a busy day and de-stress.

Porowski’s calming routine to end the day? He takes a shower before bed to help him let go of all the tension he’s been holding on to and refresh his mind and body after a long day. Porowski also uses the app, Headspace, that helps him get into the healing practice of meditation.

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