Reasons Why You Don't Need a Personal Trainer

What most celebrities, athletes, and fitness buffs have in common is a personal trainer that whips them in shape in order to keep their fitness game strong. We then ask ourselves the big question, “Do we really need a personal trainer?”

Personal trainers can be extremely helpful to keep you in check during your workouts. Sometimes, however, having a personal trainer might not be the best fit for you or your lifestyle.

Why You Don’t Need a Personal Trainer

You don’t necessarily need a personal trainer to get in a great workout. With a little determination, you can maintain a fitness regime just fine on your own.

1. Cardio Is Free

Cardio is an excellent form of exercise that reduces stress, boosts cardiovascular health, and promotes weight loss.

Exercises such as running, walking, and other fun activities don’t require a personal trainer and can be done indoors or outdoors. Running around the block doesn’t and shouldn’t cost you anything.

2. Online Videos

Bloggers and influencers have taken it upon themselves to create videos on their social platform to take their followers through their fitness routines.

There are tons of videos and online tutorials on the internet that serve as a guide for various exercises that are highly informational and easy to follow along.

The next time you need a little motivation or a few new ideas on how to switch up your workout routines, choose the inexpensive option of looking up videos on your phone or any other device that connects to the internet.

3. You Motivate Yourself

The feeling of reaching your goals and knowing that you accomplished something without needing help from anyone else is one of the best feelings in the world.

While most people feel like they need someone to push them to work out, you are the best person to know how much and how far to push yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of relying on a personal trainer to motivate you, you can take initiative and be your own motivator.

4. Scheduling

Between work, school, social lives, and ‘you’ time, the last thing you need is to plan your workouts around someone else’s schedule.

Often times, personal trainers have a schedule they follow and if you are unable to make most sessions, not only do you end up spending money unnecessarily, but you also skip out on some much-needed exercise.

Exercise at your own pace and on your own time. You don’t need a personal trainer to set your workout schedules for you.

5. Nutrition

Keeping fit and healthy isn’t just based off of exercise. Diet is an important factor that plays a big role when it comes to your health.

A balanced diet rich in veggies and other foods that give you the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, will help you maintain your weight and keep your metabolism up and running.

Opt to eat clean foods that are unprocessed and make it a priority to eat home-cooked meals rather than eating out during the week; you’ll be surprised by how good you feel from adopting this lifestyle change.

6. Complimentary Classes

Most fitness studios and gyms offer complimentary sessions for you to try out before having to sign up for a membership.

If you really fall in love with the class, you can always sign up for a membership whenever you want, but if you’re trying to save money, bring the exercise home and incorporate those exercises you learned from the complementary classes into your own flow.

You Do You

Even though some of your friends might swear by their trainers, ultimately, your fitness regime starts and ends with you. You know your body better than anyone and exercising without a personal trainer can still give you the results you want.

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