Mila Kunis Inspires 5 Safe Exercises For Mommy & Baby

Mila Kunis has bounced back to her petite, gorgeous self and mind you, had given birth to Wyatt Isabelle just last October.

This hands-on mom attributes her weight loss to her new bundle of joy, and according to E! News, Mila’s workout involves “taking Wyatt on walks around her neighborhood. Ashton and I have also taken long walks along the bike path in Santa Monica.” It is a perfect way to spend time with your baby and speed up your metabolism.

Taking cue from the actress, here are a few other ways to workout with your baby, which are engaging for your body and safe for your little one too.

As goes the old adage, you have to crawl before you walk, so consider starting slow and pace-up your workout as your little one gets older or more familiar with the activity.


It is safe to cycle with your baby strapped on in the buggy, once he/she turns one. Don’t’ forget the safety gear for your cutie, complete with helmet, and knee and elbow pads too. Cycling will improve your overall health and help shed the pounds.

Pick a scenic route to keep your baby engaged, and remember to stay on the bike path at all times.


It never feels like a workout, which is why dancing is a great way to lose weight. The music will be soothing and indulgent for your toddler, your body movements will keep them visually stimulated, and as they grow up, they can be a part of the routine.


JYour baby should have full control of his/her head (spine formed), and only then it is advisable to take your baby for a jog in a stroller.

Remember to jog, not run, and to buy a buggy that has shock-absorbing wheels to avoid jerky motions in the baby seat. FYI, pushing a stroller is also considered resistance training, so that’s another great advantage.


Did you know that babies as young as three months can be enrolled in a swimming class? An infant is a natural swimmer courtesy their fluid-packed environment in the womb.

The buoyancy makes swimming a safe activity, and needless to say, it will do wonders for your body tone and weight loss.

5Parent-Baby Yoga

Strapped on to your body, or on the floor under your nose, parent-baby yoga is a soothing activity for both parties. It will help build stamina and improve your flexibility.

When your baby gets older (about 6 months), they can double up as free-weights, under the guidance of a trainer. Don’t be taken aback; you use your baby as free-weights every time you lift them up or wrap them around your torso. It’s really that simple.