Surely, we don’t make much of it when we rush out the door on a busy morning or wake up late on the weekend; such occasions pave the way for ‘brunch’, a relatively new concept that’s given rise to lavish spreads in hotels, and substantial meals among weight watchers.

If you’re skipping a meal altogether, and you were to have 250 calories for breakfast and 250 calories for lunch, then it’s safe to assume that your ‘brunch’ intake can be up to 500 calories, isn’t it? So, why suffer through the tasteless cereal in the morning and caesar salad for lunch?; better to have some rice and meat instead!

Hold It!
When you’re on a weight-loss mission, breakfast counts! Studies suggest that eating breakfast every morning is an essential part of weight loss and maintenance, and more importantly, having it within one hour of waking up is key.

  • Skipping the all-important morning meal will make you feel starved by lunch, leading you to overindulge or eat too quickly.
  • It also leads to a drop in blood sugar levels, which triggers a need to indulge in fatty, sweetened foods and beverages that can be extremely calorific.
  • Researchers at the University of Nottingham also made the following observations:
    • Energy Loss: You need glucose for muscular function, which would have come from your breakfast. Skipping the meal will lead to a drop in energy that you need to kickstart your metabolism, perform basic functions speedily, and workout at the gym.
    • Increase In Calorie Intake: Cereals for breakfast are designed to reduce the intake of calorie-rich foods during lunch. The high fiber content keeps you satiated and gets the digestive juices rolling.
    • Muscle Loss: If you’re trying to create a calorie deficit by foregoing a meal altogether, you’re not only losing lean muscle mass and skin tone, but you’re also making your mid-section susceptible to accumulating and storing body fat. This is caused by insulin resistance from the liver, which leads to over-production of glucose. As a result, the extra sugar in the blood gets stored in the body as fat, and can make you more prone to Type-2 diabetes and heart disease as well.

Given the above, there are multiple reasons to never skip breakfast, no matter what your schedule looks like. With that in mind, click here for breakfast options that are under 250 calories, and will help you lose weight.

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