We’ve discussed the Basic Fitness Equipment For A Gym-Like Experience At Home, and the stability ball, the bosu ball’s well-rounded cousin, fits the bill perfectly. The workout prop is a great way to level-up your existing routine, and helps cushion the blow to your muscles while you strength train.

Essentially an inflated spherical ball, it can do wonders for your core muscles, while improving your sense of balance for conditioning. The stability ball also improves the functioning of the nerves and the muscles.

To put things into perspective, here are three popular gym exercises for the arms, core and legs, which have been amped-up using the prop:

Leg-Arm Lift: Position the stability ball between your abs and pubic bone to rest your body almost as though you were lying face down. This rendition of the superman then requires you to lift your right leg and extend it behind you, while simultaneously lifting your left arm to shoulder height, extended it out in the front. Hold for 5 seconds and then lower them both; repeat on the other side. Use slow, controlled movements to retain your balance. Start with 10-15 reps and move to 15-30 reps as your balance improves, over the course of a week.
stability ball exercises

Push-Ups: Kick things up a notch by letting the ball rest under the shins. Your hands should be placed on the ground and your body should be parallel to the ground. Lower your body and hold for 30 seconds. Engage your abs and elbows, and push your body upwards to start position. Begin with 5 reps and progress to 15 reps over the week.

Squats: Nothing regular about this squat workout, using the stability ball will give you muscle tone in your glutes and thighs like never before. Stand and place the ball between a wall and your lower back. Slowly lower your body, till your knees are at 90 degrees (like you would with a normal squat); hold for 3 seconds and then move back to start position. Begin with 5 reps and graduate to 12 reps over the week.

The most important and beneficial aspect is that the stability ball is perfect for all-age groups, and can work well during recovery workouts too. It is inexpensive and can be moderated to lower impact or increase intensity, whichever way you need it.

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