The Benefits of Field Hockey That Will Make You Want To Sign Up To Play Today

If you haven’t added it to your exercise routine yet, field hockey is the fun sport you’re missing out on. Although field hockey is not a mainstream sport, it brings a ton of health benefits to those who play as it takes the physical aspects of hockey off the ice and places them onto the field.

While field hockey will get your muscles active and increase your heart rate, you will also have the opportunity for some competitive comradery as you make new friends by signing up to join a new team.

Don’t worry about equipment just yet, everything can be rented or borrowed and if you really start to love the game, you can look into getting your own equipment.

Top Health Benefits of Field Hockey

If you really start to enjoy field hockey and are ready to add it to your routine, here’s how this exercise can benefit your physical and mental health.

1. Improves balance and coordination

Field hockey requires a lot of coordination as you run up and down the field multi-tasking your way through the game. During the game, players will be tackled and you are constantly put in different positions where you will have to react swiftly and in control.

Additionally, playing this sport also helps you improve your balance and boost your agility as you work on your hand-eye coordination skills.

2. Enhances mental strength

Exercise is known to boost mental health due to the feel-good hormones that get released during exercise. Therefore, participating in this heart-pumping activity will not only help to boost your mood but will also reduce your stress and feelings of anxiety in the long run.

Field hockey involves playing with a team and improves your mental strength, which can be extremely useful outside of the game and in your daily life as well.

3. Boost speed and endurance

All that running back and forth tests your endurance and improves your stamina in the process. This also benefits you when you perform other workouts and exercises as well as when you want to go on fun hikes and participate in other sporting activities.

Regular practice of this sport requires you to be fast and agile on the field. As you make your cardiovascular system stronger, you’ll be improving your sprints and boost your overall speed over time.

4. Improves overall physical strength

Field hockey is a highly demanding sport that strengthens your muscle strength, especially in the legs and the core. Having a strong core helps you to switch sides, react quickly and be more agile on the field all while preventing injury.

As you play through the game, you need to recover as smartly as possible in order to keep going, which improves your overall athletic performance as well.

5. Promotes communication skills

Playing in a team requires you to build on your communication skills and learn the different signs of your team-players as you play the sport.

As you work on improving your communication skills with your teammates, these skills will stay with you even outside of the sport as you work through group projects and solve problems with your peers or coworkers.

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