The Many Ways Our Body Reacts To New Workouts and Exercise

If you’re starting a new fitness routine or just started to engage in regular exercise, then you are probably beginning to experience a few changes that you might be a little concerned (and even confused) about.

While the best part about working out is that you build stronger muscles and improve your overall strength, as your body tries to adapt to this new exercise regimen you’ve just taken up, you might experience other side effects that include clumsiness and extreme soreness.

Different Ways Your Body Reacts to New Exercises

Always remember to keep going and allow yourself to maintain a proper workout routine during your weekly schedule.

1. Weight Fluctuations

When you’ve started working out and engaging in intense exercises, stepping on the scale might leave you a bit dishearted if you don’t see your weight going down or if you see that you’ve gained weight. Don’t fret, this is entirely normal!

Your body is retaining more water due to inflammation, which is natural during the post-workout phase. Results take time to achieve, however, know that these fluctuations are normal and keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

2. Increased Energy Levels

Working out takes a lot of energy out of you as you put your muscles to work and get your heart pumping. However, as you adjust to this new routine, you actually end up with increased energy levels as you start to build more mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell that produces energy in the body).

The more you incorporate your workouts during the week, you will start to feel more refreshed and energized over time.

3. Clumsiness

Muscle memory plays a big role in your workouts as your brain and body work together to be in sync as you move. If you’ve been feeling like your balance is off and your movements are a little more clumsy than usual, this is just your brain trying to help you become more effective in your workouts.

This is completely normal as you try to work your way through the exercise and improve your muscle memory. Over time this will not be an issue, and you will come out with stronger muscles and improved balance and coordination.

4. Sore Muscles

Probably one of the most common feelings after trying a new workout or getting back to exercising after a period of time, delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS results from tiny tears in your muscles due to exercise.

Make sure you take the necessary period of rest you need to prevent injuring yourself further. Additionally, using a foam roller and giving your muscles a gentle muscle massage will help you find relief from soreness and pain.

5. Skin Breakouts

Exercising means you sweat, and sometimes you sweat a lot. Therefore, when you start sweating a lot, you might be prone to acne and breakouts. As you wipe your towel on your face or touch your face to wipe the seat off, you’re increasing the spread of acne-causing bacteria, which is something that you can’t really control.

One tip to keep in mind is to always rinse off or take a shower immediately after your workout.

As You Get Back to Your Routine

It’s a common phenomenon to follow a strenuous routine for months and then succumb to taking a break when away on vacation or just too busy to workout.

When we finally do get back to it, we experience interesting changes that our body goes through in order to get used to the new routine.

Just know that these changes are normal and that it’s not just you who experiences these changes. If the problem does persist for longer than usual, then it might be time to see a doctor.

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