Tips to Fit in Meditation in Your Busy Life

We’re all preaching to the same choir when it comes to how busy we are. However, when it comes to keeping up with our mental well-being, taking some time to squeeze in a few minutes of meditation can do wonders for our overall health.

Stress, tension and worry are common factors that affect millions of individuals around the world. It seems like there is never enough time to take a step back and have some “me” time when juggling hectic schedules.

It’s time to put yourself first and practice a little meditation every day.

Fit Meditation into Your Daily Routine

Whether you fit in your practice right after you wake up or decide to take advantage of the subway ride home, the beauty of meditation is that it can be done anywhere and at any time.

Give your mental health a little boost and make it a habit to add a little meditation to your daily routine.

1. Two Breaths

The action of taking a few deep breaths can really go a long way in helping to de-stress the mind. To enter into a meditative state, all you need is to engage in taking two deep breaths before you start your responsibilities and see what a difference this will make.

Make it a habit to take two deep breaths with your morning coffee, after you sit down into your car and right before you go to sleep. You’ll effortlessly create a good routine and improve your stress management in the process.

2. Before Bed

If you are already on your phone or iPad while in bed, use the technology to your advantage and download a mindful meditation app. Taking a couple minutes to relieve yourself from everything that’s causing you stress will help you focus on yourself instead.

A few minutes of meditation every night will calm your mind and promote the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

3. Repeat a Mantra

Mantra meditation is a popular form of meditation that is a simple yet effective way to fit in a little meditation to your day. Pick a phrase or word that calms your mind and repeat it whenever you feel anxious or nervous.

4. Lunch Break

Your lunch break can be a good time to sneak into a quiet space and engage in a few minutes of meditation. Soon, this practice will become a habit and you will benefit from a relaxed and improved state of mind throughout the day.

5. While Doing Chores

No one really likes to do their chores, do they? Turn your chores into a meditative moment and focus on your breathing while you fold your laundry or as you mop the floors.

The reason that meditation works well with chores is because they are often repetitive and don’t require any important decisions to be made, making it the perfect time to focus on meditation instead.

6. One Minute, Five Times a Day

Think about it, we’re sure you have at least one minute at five points of your day to focus on your breathing. Still not convinced?

How about trying to fit in a little meditation at these times:

  • Right after you wake up
  • As soon as you get into the car to go somewhere
  • After you’re back from lunch
  • As soon as you get into the shower
  • As soon as you get into bed
Fight the urge to make excuses and give this a shot. A small amount of meditation will go a long way in improving your lifestyle and promoting your mental well-being.
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