Tips and Tricks On How To Improve Your Speed

When you’ve fallen in love with running, you want to master your technique and form and engage in different types of training to improve your vertical jump, your overall speed and other mechanics of running to boost your performance.

Increasing your speed doesn’t just happen overnight, it takes a lot of practice and determination to improve. It’s not just about sprinting a thousand times back and forth — training for speed requires a strategy and a plan in order to get results.

Tips to Improve Your Speed

The following tips will be helpful to keep in mind as you train for speed and will help you stay on track as you run.

1. You need to get strong

Your strength plays a big role in maximizing your speed, so it is important to work on your strength to ultimately improve your speed. Exercises such as split squats, reverse lunges and single-leg deadlifts are all helpful exercises and focus on strengthening your legs.

It is also important to strengthen your ankles in order to improve mobility and flexibility to increase your range of motion and avoid any stiffness that can slow you down.

2. Sprint smarter

While sprinting can help you with your speed training, you need to work up a strategy with your sprints and not just do them at random.

Try to build a strong base with your sprints and start with shorter sprints instead of longer ones. It is also important to incorporate rest periods in order to give your 100 percent when it’s time for your sprinting exercises.

3. Switch up your pace

Sticking to the same pace will do nothing for your speed. Make sure to switch up your pace every now and then to challenge yourself and to spruce it up as you run.

A few ways to develop endurance and increase speed is to engage in an easy endurance run, a tempo run or interval runs.

4. Keep your knees high

Your running technique matters, especially when it comes to your speed. To make sure you are running efficiently, your knees should lift as high as your hips when you are running forward.

This technique will help you to stretch further and as you shorten the lever by the knee, you run a lot quicker. A few exercises to help with this include walking high-knees, high-knee toe ups and high-knees skipping.

5. Run tall

Your back should be straight when you run, and unfortunately the lifestyles today are not helpful as slouching over the computer all day is common. A hunched back does not help with your running technique and only impairs your speed training.

Keeping an upright posture while you run involves having your chin parallel to the floor and your back straight.

6. Improve your endurance

You don’t have to start fast, but in fact, start slow to improve your endurance and conditioning in order to eventually increase your speed.

If you are having trouble with this, exercises such as biking, jogging and swimming are great for conditioning and also give your body and mind an excellent workout in the process.

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