5 Tricks To Maintain The Weight You Successfully Lost

The battle of the bulge is an uphill task and unfortunately, you can fall as quickly as you rise to the challenge. Once you’ve reached your target weight, the real struggle is to stay in the healthy frame of mind, and not go back to old eating habits and non-existent exercise schedules.

Here are simple tricks that will help you keep the weight in check, and the calorie count within limits.

1Use Monitoring Tools

Studies prove that weighing yourself regularly encourages you to maintain your body weight, and even lose some pounds now and again. You can use aids like calorie counters and fitness trackers, and stop photoshopping your selfies and get a reality check.

2Appreciate Your Food

Think of yourself as a food critic. Focus on the flavors in each component, and soon you will be able to distinguish between the natural and organic foods, and the processed with fatty additives in your meal. This exercise heightens the senses and helps you make better food choices at first bite.

3Eat Slowly

Appreciating your food also translates to eating slower and chewing thoroughly. Trade your regular spoon for a small ice cream spoon, or perhaps a fork, to control the amount of food you put in your mouth every time.

Another trick is to only make how much you can consume within one sitting. Leftovers can lead to untimely snacking and overeating very easily.


Diet alone will not help you maintain that body weight. While you needn’t have a grueling workout routine, about 45 minutes of cardio and strength training, five times a week is a good place to remain stable.

5Portion Control

Eliminating food groups is a ridiculous idea; eat what you like, but in small quantities. This will satiate your cravings and not make you pack on the pounds.

An old trick is to use your fist to measure a serving—if the apple is bigger than your fist, then it counts as two servings. A healthy diet is about eating six small meals a day, each with a main dish the size of your fist, and some fresh veggies on the side.

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Updated July 19, 2018

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