Top Protein-Rich Snacks Offering Festive Flavors to Celebrate Fall

You can’t welcome the fall without the rich flavors of apple, pumpkin and cinnamon. With the red and gold season sneaking around the corner, it’s time to embrace the cooler climate and festive vibes by indulging in healthy snacks rich in protein and the delicious flavors of the new season.

As you put away your denim shorts and tank tops, staying fit and eating healthy will always be on trend even as you wave goodbye to bikini season. And, just because sweater season is coming back, your diet doesn’t have to take a hit.

Protein-rich fall flavored snacks are perfect to satisfy your pre and post-workout needs this fall season.

Fall Flavored Protein-Rich Snacks

Check out the following delicious snacks that will excite your taste buds and promote your muscle building workouts simultaneously.

1. RX Whole Food Protein Bar, Pumpkin Spice

Give your health a treat with these whole food protein bars made up of clean and simple ingredients that are 100 percent natural and good for your body. Rich in protein and ingredients such as egg whites, almonds and cashews, these bars will kick up your taste buds with the familiar taste of a pumpkin pie.

Get it at, $50 for a pack of 12.

2. Paleonola Grain Free Granola, Pumpkin Pie

Nothing artificial about this granola. Only clean and natural ingredients that include almonds, pecans, flax and coconut will bring you flavors of your favorite Thanksgiving dessert, pumpkin pie. Great for the paleo diet, enjoy Paleonola granola in yogurt, with fruits and any other way you like.

Get it at, $23.95, 10 oz.

3. Legendary Foods Almond and Cashew Butter, Apple Pie

Craving a tasty yet healthy snack during the day? Try the Legendary Foods almond and cashew butter in the apple pie flavor of your dreams. Get the comforting, delicious taste of apples with this low carb, protein-rich spread that’s made just for you to get that quick protein fix.

Get it at, $17.99, 16 oz.

4. Chobani Yogurt, Apple Cinnamon

Perfect for the vegetarian diet, Chobani yogurt is gluten-free, non-GMO certified and comes with no artificial flavors or sweeteners. The perfect post-workout snack, try the apple cinnamon flavor to replenish your muscles with this high-protein food that will welcome you to the new season.

Get it at, $1, 5.3 oz.

5. Olomono Kettle Roasted Almonds, Cinnamon and Cayenne

Almonds are probably one of the healthiest nuts out there. Rich in protein and high in fiber, almonds are a definite go-to for complementing your workouts in the right way. Put your taste buds on blast with these kettle roasted almonds that are 100 percent vegan and organic that will leave you with a surge of energy to maximize your performance at the gym.

Get it at, $5.99.

There’s nothing better than saying hello to all your favorite flavors of the season with these guilt-free protein snacks that you won’t want to miss out on.


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