Twisted Pose (Vakrasana) | Twist to Reduce Unwanted Fat!

Ever think that twisting your body in certain ways can help to reduce fat and enhance flexibility? This is, in fact, a possibility with regular practice of Twisted pose or Vakrasana.

Twisted Pose (Vakrasana)

A common pose that is usually a part of most yoga routines, the twisted pose is especially beneficial for individuals with diabetes as it improves pancreatic functionality and helps control blood sugar levels.

‘Vakra’ from Vakrasana means to twist or, more specifically, to twist the spine. By following a clean diet and exercising regularly, one can improve their health and promote a healthy lifestyle that will be extremely beneficial as he or she ages.

Twisted Pose Directions:

For effective results, it is recommended to practice the twisted pose at least twice a day.

Step 1:

Start by sitting on your mat with your legs extended straight out in front of you and your hands on the floor, palms facing down.

Step 2:

Bend your left knee and shift your right foot to be next to your right knee. Place your right hand on the outer side of your left knee and twist from the waist. Your right elbow will be touching the left knee and you should be able to hold your left ankle with your right hand.

Step 3:

Place your left hand on the floor behind your hip and gently turn your head to face the left of the room as well. This pose should be held for about 30 seconds.

Step 4:

Slowly release to return to the starting position and wiggle our your toes and legs. Relax your body for about 10 seconds and repeat this position on the other side in order to balance out the sides.

Twisted Pose Modifications:

If you are experiencing any discomfort while performing this pose, there are various modifications you can make to help you practice twisted pose with ease.

  • Add a blanket to raise the back and give it more support. Place the blanket on the floor before you sit down to practice the pose.
  • You always have the option to hug your knees instead of trying to extend your arms beyond what is comfortable.

Benefits of Twisted Pose:

Besides flexibility and fat burn, there are other benefits that come out of practicing this pose on a regular basis.

Added benefits of the twisted pose include the following:

Twisted Pose Precautions:

It is recommended to consult your doctor before trying out new poses or even other exercises, especially if you are recovering from any injuries or suffer from any chronic conditions.

Twisted pose should be avoided under the following circumstances:

  • Hernia
  • Acute and resolving lumbar disc prolapse
  • Injuries in the hips, shoulders, and neck
  • If you just had surgery
  • Sciatica
  • If you are pregnant

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