The thumb rule is that you should have a total of five portions of fruits and vegetables per day; a glass of fruit juice counts as one portion, all on its own. With that shocking figure in mind, most experts say that you should have no more than 1 cup (8oz) fruit juice a day, however if you’re a weight watcher, the repercussions run much deeper.

Consider This: Tetra-packed juice claims to have 100 percent real fruit. While the gluten-free drink looks harmless, a closer look at the nutrition label will tell you that it has a high concentration of sugar to maintain taste, and also some preservatives for a longer shelf life. What’s worse is that some may not even have real fruit; they could be packed with flavored concentrates that do nothing nutritionally. In total, about 8oz of juice amounts to 110 calories.

Fat File
According to researchers at Glasgow University in the UK, consuming more than 1 cup of 100 percent packaged juice or pure fruit juice is unhealthy.

  • Excess sugars in fruit juices can cause insulin resistance.
  • It can lead to fat storage around the abdomen and promote weight gain.
  • Packaged juices can damage your teeth and weaken your bones.
  • Fruit juice delivers big doses of fructose and sugars rapidly to your blood stream. Therefore, they don’t get utilized for metabolic needs; they get stored as fat, instead.
  • The healthy fiber content is severely compromised in fruit juices, so the feeling of fullness is loss. You’re better off eating two fruits instead of drinking a cup of juice.

What You’re Missing Out On
You could have traded the packaged fruit juice for more filling meals/components like:

  • 50g fresh salmon
  • 1 scrambled egg and mushrooms
  • 1 roasted skinless chicken drumstick and mushrooms
  • 2oz lean beef eye-of-round roast
  • 3tbsp hummus with 1 large carrot (sticks and dip)

Sure, you can safeguard yourself by juicing at home, but never lose sight of what you’re trading in for that beverage. It should be worth the exchange. Don’t cheat your meals of calories by loading up on sweetened drinks that can’t even begin to compare to them nutritionally, or satiate your appetite.

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