A struggle with weight loss brings with it a fair share of moodiness and stress; add to that some work pressure, a row with your partner, monetary issues, or even some personal problems and you’ve just gone from mildly unhappy to extremely stressed in the blink of an eye.

The thing to note about this cyclical spiral is that being stressed leads to poor decision making—which also translates in your food choices. Your body releases adrenaline and cortisol, which in the beginning when they peak lead you to experience loss of appetite. But, once the stress levels drop, your body pushes full-throttle to replenish the nutrients from your starvation period, and that’s where the culprit lies.

Instead of playing a victim to your hormones, recognize your triggers and avoid them. Emotional or stress eating can get the better of you, so when you’re down and out, reach for low-calorie foods that should make up 70% of your kitchen ingredients anyways.

On the flip-side, trying times may prompt you to skip meals; but, this will get you nowhere either (as we explained). Eat well, sleep on it, and tackle the problem the next morning, or de-stress with some music, meditation, dancing, yoga, or whatever else calms your senses.

Learn to keep food out of the equation, and take it for what it is; it’s just another meal. In fact, studies suggest that foods that are high in B12 and folic acid are great mood elevators. So the next time, try some salmon with a side of broccoli instead.

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