Why hasn’t that crash diet worked? Why has all that cardio training not helped in the way you had hoped? What are you doing wrong? Several questions loom large in the quest to shed pounds and stay fit. So when it comes to slimming down, exercise versus diet, which one matters more? We help solve the conundrum:

Lose The Pounds Of Food To Lose The Pounds On The Scale
Studies have now proved that when it comes to weight loss, diet is more important than exercise. According to certified personal trainer and registered yoga teacher Julia Chan, changing your diet to include healthier, more natural, and cleaner foods will promote weight loss. Conversely, she adds, exercising while not following a proper diet will not equate to weight loss.

Agreeing with her, Tim Bauer, a marketing professional, says, “You could spend an entire hour on a treadmill and burn about 350 calories. That burn could easily be undone by just one poor dietary decision.” Bauer lost his first 200lb in just 374 days, and went on to run his first triathlon 18 months from the day he started his journey to weight loss.


Fad Diets Will Be Your Downfall
Fad diets slow your metabolism, leading to exhaustion and zapping you of energy. Moreover, they cause physical discomfort and deprive your body of essential vitamins and minerals.

According to Dr Josh Heenan, Doctor of Integrated Medicine and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, people share an emotional relationship with food—much more so than with exercise. He says, “A client once told me, ‘Cigarettes were easy to quit because I can remove them from my life and never look back; food, on the other hand, you can’t just stop eating’.”

Keep in mind that fad diets do not help to change eating habits, which is the only way to lose weight properly and keep it off. They are a temporary fix at best, which will come back to haunt you.


There’s More To Working Out Than Cardio
Cardio will get your heart rate up and will help you to burn calories, but strength training will make you stronger and leaner, according to Lisa Reed, a personal trainer, educator, motivator and owner of Lisa Reed Fitness.

“Steady-state moderate intensity cardio training has been shown in recent studies to suppress appetite. This, combined with certain types of strength training, makes it much more likely for people wanting to lose weight to stick to their diet,” says Nick Janvier, a personal trainer and owner of the popular bodyweight website StartBodyweight.com.

You can meet with a trainer, sign up for a bootcamp, or grab your co-worker and workout at lunch, but you should strength train at least two-to-three times each week to gain muscle tone simultaneously.


Don’t Stress; You’ll Get Fatter
If you obsess, your body will release cortisol, a stress hormone that increases appetite. Focus on how well you are doing and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments and goals. When you stop focusing on losing the weight, it will fall off.


We Recommend Pulling A Double Whammy
The combination of diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight (and keep it off). Maurice D Williams, owner/movement specialist at Move Well Fitness, says, “Our bodies recognize the combination of healthy foods and working out as the key to weight loss. The combination of the two allows for the greatest calorie deficit and fat loss.”

Remember that you want to shed the pounds to get healthy. So while a diet will help you drop a dress size, cardio will help keep your metabolic rate up and strength training will ascertain you stay strong and bounce-back from injuries and illnesses faster. Eating right is key; but, working out helps bring things full-circle.

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