Kicking off the third episode of Fit, Famous & Fabulous with Adrienne Janic is plus-sized supermodel Emme, an iconic face in the fashion industry who’s been around for almost two decades.

As she continues to thrive with her still growing portfolio—TV personality, brand ambassador, author and creative director of a clothing line—Emme paves the way for beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

That’s what prompted this quick sneak-peek into the ‘model concept’ of eating and living right. Here’s how to go on a healthy food plan versus a diet of deprivation:

What is the mind, body, spirit connection and why is it so important?
“It is the golden thread that keeps us together, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I strive to regularly have the three elements in my day, but am only able to manage one or two out of three; let’s face it, I’m not a monk, I have my fair share of distractions. I find the true purpose of my life in this pursuit to find truth, inner peace and physical fitness on a daily basis. It just makes you feel different than other days—like you’re effervescent.”

Why do you recommend juicing?
“Have a bad day? Juice. Need to reduce swelling? Juice! Have acne problems? Juice already!! Juicing either with or without the pulp (I’m a pulp gal) helps reset your acidic balance (PH balance) to a more median place. If you’re a big meat eater, your body probably is probably more acidic than that of a non-meat eater (more alkaline). The key is to find a good balance between the two, leaning more towards a diet of mostly vegetables, whole grains, and naturally occurring plant-based proteins. I encourage everyone to eat organic food whenever possible. This way you’ll be creating an alkaline rather than acidic body chemistry to fortify your immune system that will stave off many forms of cancers.

Did I mention sugar having a high acidic value? Well sad to say, but it does. My oncologist told me sugar is a huge contribution to cancer in our society, so I took a good look at all my sugar intake and began to eat 90% cacao chocolate bars that are lower in sugar, and refrain from sweets or desserts made from refined white sugar sources. (I can hear a collective groan!)”


Can you share your favorite juice recipes?
“There are so many, but I just had a celery, mint, coconut water, cucumber, green apple, kale and pomegranate juice; add a couple of ice cubes and you are off and running, feeling good and refreshed with lots of great greens flowing through your system.

Also, I drink more smoothies in the wintertime: take some almond milk, add a dash of organic vanilla extract, dash of cinnamon, coconut slivers, one scoop of hydrogenated peanut butter, one scoop of designer whey, a frozen organic berry (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, mango, passion fruit), plus 1tbsp coconut oil. This grab-and-go breakfast serves as a good source of protein, keeping hunger pangs at bay till lunch.”

With one look at the gorgeous supermodel, don’t you feel inspired to eat right and get healthier? If like us, you just can’t get enough of Emme, catch her tonight at 9pm on Fit, Famous & Fabulous.

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