‘One size fits all’ is a term coined by someone who obviously doesn’t understand the individualism of diets, body types, and metabolic rates. While you may envy the figure of your skinny friends and find comfort in the company of women who are bigger built, it’s the former who will help you shed the pounds, should you want to:

Be Inspired
It can be hard to hang out with friends who don’t have to worry about dress sizes, meal portions, and the number of drinks they’re kicking back. A positive spin would be to focus on one friend or colleague as your muse; someone preferably with the same body type. Then observe their eating habits and lifestyle, and incorporate the plus points into your own routine.

Snack Better
Friends who are overweight themselves aren’t quite as likely to stop you when you are indulging. A little judging goes a long way, so the next time a skinny friend shrugs her eyebrows when you want to order an Oreo shake, it’s your cue to make better eating choices rather than justify your order.

Keep Out The Negativity
Skinny or not, anyone who discourages you from your weight-loss plan should be kept off the radar on your progress report. The minute you discuss your achievements, they may suggest a celebratory meal, tell you that you’ve reached your full potential, or just discourage you in order to draw attention back to themselves.

Use The Buddy System
Having a partner in crime works just as well when you want to lose weight, as it does when you want to gorge on that chocolate cake. It may be time to add some people to your friend list, who can relate to your journey—gym mate, morning run partner, calorie counting enthusiast.


Stay Away From The Experts
Self-proclaimed geniuses who are naturally thin, have lost weight recently, or are long-time members of the fitness brigade will inevitably start offering up advice on diet and workouts. While it may have worked for them, every person and every body type is different. The only person you should be taking advice from is your trainer or nutritionist.

Team Up With The Active
You know those restless friends? The ones who can’t stand still or sit in one place for too long; the ones who are physically exhausting and animatedly enthusiastic about everything—well start hanging out with them as much as you can. We tend to unconsciously mirror habits of the people who are around us. Their little dose of enthusiasm and nomad streak will have you shedding the pounds through the day, without even realizing it.

Peer pressure can make or break your body image. But if you choose wisely, losing weight will feel less like a chore and more like a lifestyle; just start hanging out with the right people.

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With a graduate degree in Mass Media, Karishma Roye has over seven years of work experience in the lifestyle segment, and has written extensively on luxury, beauty, fitness, and health and wellness. Inclined to live and eat healthier now that she’s older and wiser, she curiously scours through the never-ending list of diet and health fads, as she scribbles down her own dos and don’ts list.