If you don’t mind getting down and dirty to shed the pounds, then it’s time to put your game face on. Whether it is baseball, basketball, volleyball or tennis, they’re all more than just sports or a mode to socialize.

In fact, nothing quite beats the adrenaline and calorie burn of playing the field (pun not intended), but if you want more proof, here it is:

One hour of basketball equals a 340 calorie burn; handball equals 748 calories; soccer gives you 408 calories; tennis works up to 408 calories; and, beach volleyball burns about 476 calories.

Sports Plus
Plus 1: All of these activities make for a great cardio workout that increases you heart rate to speed up your metabolism. You’re not just losing the calories in game mode, but even long after you’ve left the field.
Plus 2: Playing a sport will give you stability, balance and agility, in turn reducing the risk of injury. You will also notice an improved sense of coordination, endurance and stamina over time.
Plus 3: Though you are not lifting weights, sports are a kind of bodyweight training that can tone various muscle groups depending on the activity. For example, basketball works on your core, glutes, thighs, triceps and pecs.
Plus 4: Using sports as a way to stay fit will keep you interested and coming back to the court. The monotony factor resolved, group sports will keep you motivated and make you feel like you are part of something bigger.

With reasons aplenty and no excuses left, consider taking up a sport if going to the gym sounds like a chore. From calorie burn to muscle tone, this fitness proposition is just as effective and a can be a lot of fun, too.