From menstruation to menopause, pregnancy to breastfeeding, a woman’s body goes through a wide range of changes in one lifetime, most of which impact her weight loss and weight maintenance programs.

The frustration of getting on the scale is understandable, as is feeling the need to compare notes with others who are trying to lose weight. Maybe knowing how your body works differently from men will help calm your nerves:

Muscle Composition
Men are endowed with more muscle mass than women, which automatically translates to high metabolic rate, resulting in rapid fat loss. What’s more, unlike women, men continue to burn calories even during the rest period.
Girl Power: The key to level the scales is to be as serious about your weight training, as you are about cardio. Building muscle mass goes a long way in keeping the metabolism up.

Diet Dilemma
Sometimes, it’s as simple as food choices. The carnal instinct in men draws them toward meat-y diets that are high on protein and low on fat. On the flipside, women tend to associate food with emotions. From depressive eating to celebrating with food, hormones also play a role in the dietary habits of both sexes.
Girl Power: Take food for what it is. Don’t starve to punish, or order out to reward yourself. Modifications may be required to suit the bodily changes in your life (menopause, breastfeeding, etc), but otherwise you should plan a diet and commit to it, come what may.

Apart from this, setting a realistic goal or target weight, taking up a workout plan that fits into your everyday schedule with ease, and deciding what you will eat a day before so that you don’t falter, is the way forward ladies.

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