If you’re keeping score, then clearly jicama has the lead as a vegetable that can make you shed the pounds quickly. We spill the ‘yam beans’—pedestrian name for jicama—on this Mexican import, which under its tough-brown skin holds the secret to a slimmer you.

Take 5
1) No Unhealthy Snacking: 100gm of jicama contains as much as 4.9gm of dietary fiber, which means you will feel full and satiated for longer without any hunger pangs or untimely cravings. No need to load up on caffeine to curb your appetite anymore!

2) High Energy Levels: If you consume 100gm of jicama, you are eating 9gm of carbs, which is just the amount you need to increase energy levels in your body when you exercise. The combination of complex carbs and fiber ensures that the carbs do not convert to sugar in the body.

3) Low-Cal: Another reason it is ideal for weight loss is that there are only 38 calories in 100gm of jicama. Those who are on calorie-counting diet plans can consume it in large portions without worrying too much.

4) Diabetic-Friendly: Diabetics constantly struggle to keep their weight in check and maintain their sugar levels. With low sugar and calorie content, and high nutritional value, jicama makes for an ideal addition to a diabetic’s diet.

5) High On Nutrition: 100gm of jicama contains 20.2mg of vitamin C, and this vitamin uses the glucose in the body to boost energy, rather than transform it into fat.

Jicama On The Plate
You can try the Sweet Potato and Jicama Fries recipe as suggested by Peggy Kotsopoulos, a registered holistic nutritionist. Alternately, as jicama is already sweet in taste, it does not particularly need a lot of added flavor—boil or steam it, or you can even have it raw.

With health benefits aplenty, this ingredient should make it to your dinner table not just for its weight-loss advantages, but also for a general nutritious diet.