A study has found that making social media posts can not only help you lose weight, but more importantly, assists in maintaining it too. The research led by the University of Carolina, explained that people who are actively engaged on social media, especially in relation to their weight loss, do exceedingly well.

Sharing experiences, progress reports, recipes, and queries prove to be the perfect motivational tool that helps weight watchers stay on track. So, while having a nutritionist and trainer is a good idea, surrounding yourself with friends who inspire you to get in shape, and with people who are also on a weight-loss journey, is important too.

You can join groups on Facebook, tap into the database of fitness portals like MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, etc, or simply make associations with bloggers who are documenting their journey.

Here’s Why It Works:

  • The problem of having to be the lone soldier among a sea of friends who can eat what they want is all too real. These groups lend you the support you need and give you a sense of belonging in your struggle.
  • As a weight watcher, your skill level, dietary knowledge and workout ethic needs to be updated, ever so often. Being part of fitness groups keeps you clued into all that you need to know—the new, and the old.
  • A lot of the online groups are moderated or patronized by trainers, so you will have some expert advice at your service at the click of a button.
  • Weight loss brings with it, multiple struggles like that of loose skin, stretch marks, workout injuries, etc, and this is the place to exchange notes and ask your questions.
  • Sharing your progress and struggles make them that much bigger and smaller, as others who relate to your stories share their highs and lows, too.
  • Such groups also create a healthy sense of competition among frequent visitors, and the automated notifications serve as a reminder that you shouldn’t miss your workout that day.
  • For the uninitiated, the calorie counting tools, pedometers, BMI and BMR evaluators, and macronutrients aggregators open up a whole new level of understanding that proves to be extremely beneficial for your weight loss.

With that in mind, if you’re having a hard time getting started or have plateaued, we urge you to give this little fix a shot to breathe new life into your weight-loss journey.

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