Weight loss

We've never understood why people wasted money on expensive diet pills and fat burners. Look to nature's bounty and you're sure to find a resolve to your problems.
From training routines and workouts to diets and rest and relaxation, let's see how you score on preparedness.
While it’s advisable to not let beef make an appearance every day in your diet plan, there are certain tricks you can employ to have your meat, and eat it too.
Making dinner your lightest meal can aid weight loss. But it's not that simple. Two things matter—when you eat and what you eat.
A tougher version of Paleo, the Whole30 diet is definitely a food Nazi and we encourage you to stay strong if you take it on. Here's how you can do it.
If you want to try an easy and tasty calorie-cutting trick, then replace the meat in your favorite recipes with mushrooms. You'll automatically cut about 420 calories out of a meal.
Did you know that apples work as the perfect in-between meals snack for a weight watcher? Here's how the fruit can help accelerate the weight-loss process.
Here's how you can convert bad white fat cells into good, calorie-burning brown fat cells to combat metabolic syndrome at the base level.
Consider stretch marks your scars of battle; a battle with weight loss where you reigned triumphant. Now you know why we're loving the Twitter trend. Thanks, Chrissy Teigan.
Created under the watchful eye of the USDA, this is by far the most advanced way to moderate your calorie count to suit your specific body type and lifestyle.