Only recently a study was published that suggested eating less, but eating more often was the key to losing weight. And now, a research paper published in the  Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry reiterates the fact, with two cents of its own,

“The study does support the notion that small meals throughout the day can be helpful for weight loss, though that may not be practical for many people,” said senior author of the study Martha Belury, professor of human nutrition at The Ohio State University in the US.

So, what was the crux of the discussion? Well, as it turns out, skipping meals in order to lose weight has shown to increase belly fat among their study group of mice; and yes, the results are applicable to humans too.

The fact is, eating too little makes you gain weight instead, and if you’re trying to create a calorie-deficit by foregoing a meal altogether, you’re not only losing lean muscle mass and skin tone, but you’re also making your mid-section susceptible to accumulating and storing body fat.

This is caused by insulin resistance from the liver, which leads to over-production of glucose. As a result, the extra sugar in the blood gets stored in the body as fat, and can make you more prone to Type-2 diabetes and heart disease as well.

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