Yo-Yo Dieting: How The Wheel Breaks The Butterfly—yes, we’ve discussed the cyclical spiral of this weight loss insanity, which is also known as weight cycling, and is perhaps the nation’s favorite hobby. We’ve also discussed its many pitfalls, one of which is insulin resistance that causes you to start putting on weight around your middle.

Needless to say, impulse cravings, binge eating, sagging skin, rapid weight loss and gain that also affects your body confidence, and a whole host of other repercussions are associated with yo-yo dieting. But, now that we’ve identified the problem, it’s time to start making amends and put a stop to the yo-yo effect:


Be Realistic
If you do choose to go on a diet, make sure it’s something you can sustain for a long time. Crash dieting or weight loss fads get boring after a while, which is exactly why people go off them to begin with. Think of your diet as an overhaul of your unhealthy eating habits, and not a temporary fix.

Be Patient
Let’s keep things simple and start small. You don’t want to lose too much, too soon. Pacing your weight loss means it’ll stay off, and can’t be regained in the blink of an eye. Weight loss takes time. If you are easily demotivated, weighing yourself weekly may save you the depression of the daily ups and downs that are all too normal.

Be Supported
It’s always great to hear words of encouragement and mingling with people who have shed the pounds is a great way to reach your ideal body weight. Take up group sports, workout with your partner, exchange notes on weight loss blogs, post your achievements on social media—whatever keeps you going.

Be Analytical
It pays to make a note of how your appetite has changed. This also means keeping a check on your moods. You don’t want to binge eat when you’re emotional, do you? Keep a food journal to avoid mindless snacking and understand what foods do, or do not work for you.


Be Flexible
Routines can get boring. And just like exercise, when your body gets used to something, it’ll stop having the desired effect. It’s better to switch up your meal plans and workout routines to keep the body guessing.

Be Active
While diet plays a greater part in one’s weight loss, exercise is important to fuel the process and keep your metabolism in check. On the other hand, strength training can help build the right kind of lean muscle mass in exchange for fat. In tandem, the three make for the perfect combination.

In the end, be optimistic and honest with yourself. Even if no one sees you sneak that piece of chocolate or skip that last exercise set, your body and current level of fitness is all the proof you need.

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