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Too much of anything, even if it is a good thing, is bad. So, while your mouth may be watering over that juicy mango on the counter, if you were told to have only mangoes for the rest of your life, you would very well barf. That’s why the trending mono meal plan is absolute rubbish.

It restricts you to not just one food group, but one ingredient in excess, right through the day. As crazy as it sounds, there are a lot of people who have taken on the diet. Just look up #monomeal and #30bananasaday on Instagram, and you’ll see that people are eating 15 bananas at a time, all day, everyday (for the latter).

This meal plan is very popular with vegans, especially those following the raw diet. In fact, it has had its fair share of predecessors, what with the chocolate diet, milk diet and apple diet that followed a similar route. The liberals on the other hand have restricted themselves to a food group—usually fruits. This has given rise to fruitarians, who come what may, will not bite into anything else.

The Mono Meal Agenda
The diet claims to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Different foods digest differently and in different time frames. This diet ensures optimal absorption, no gas, and a clean colon by processing all that you’ve ingested at one go. Mono meals help you cut back on the fat content, and limit your (bad)choices, by leaving you with no other food option.


The Mono Meal Downfall
Needless to say, your body will not get the sufficient amount of fat and protein it needs to perform the most basic functions. Nausea, dizziness or blackouts on a daily basis is not uncommon. Also, the calorie intake of this diet plan is warped. For example, one medium-sized banana contains 105 calories, so if you plan to eat 50 bananas in a single day, your daily count will explode to 5250 calories. It is double the amount your body needs for proper functioning; but, half the nutrition.

If you haven’t made a calculated guess, the mono meal plan strips you from macronutrients like like phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. With so much working against it, we still can’t understand how this diet is trending. If weight loss is what you want, stick to a balanced food plan and kick these fad diets to the curb.

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