We know the hectic last minute shopping doesn’t leave much time for exercise. But who says you can’t turn your local shopping center into a gym? We spend endless hours at the mall, make the best of it with these weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips: While Shopping

  1. Are you sure you need to drive those 15 blocks to the mall? Try walking instead (and get yourself a pedometer so you can keep track of your mileage).
  2. Try carrying your own groceries home if possible.
  3. Have you ever noticed how crazy people get in parking lots, fighting for the closest spots? Why not park as FAR away as you can? You’ll get extra exercise and spare yourself the stress.
  4. Take stairs instead of escalators or elevators, as much as you can.
  5. Pick up the pace a little bit as you move from shop to shop. Every little bit of effort counts.
  6. Work your arms by opting for baskets instead of carts. And do “basket-curls” while you’re waiting in line. You can also try some heel raises to work your calves. Just pop up on your toes, and slowly lower yourself back down. You should be able to do 10 to start. But add an extra 5 every time you stand in line.

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