We’ve already shared 5 Tricks To Maintain The Weight You Successfully Lost. While these tools work well for all weight watchers, those who have reached their target weight for the first time may need a few lifestyle alterations, in order to maintain a healthy association with fitness on a mental and physical level.

Here are three of the simplest habits that can help:

  1. While you were on a weight-loss program, your exercise schedule may have involved sweating it out at the gym, six days a week. Just remember, that once you reach your goal weight, and even after, reduce your sessions to no fewer than 50 percent of the original. In this case, it would mean indulging in an exercise session, at least three times a week.
  2. The weighing scale is your biggest ally in your weight loss journey, so get on it every morning. It’s the reality check you need to know when you’re tipping the scales to the wrong side. Besides, studies suggest that the frequency with which you weigh yourself has a strong link to the amount of weight you actually lose—the more you get on the scale, the more you’ll shed the pounds.
  3. Instead of cheat days, keep a food diary. Weight loss is not just about calorific foods, but knowing what works for you. Studies suggest keeping a journal helps you make better food choices, evaluate your ups and downs in the day, and also helps you understand which foods suit your body and digestive system the best.

Apart from these factors, understand that stress and crash diets are detrimental to your weight loss. So if that’s the path you’ve taken to reach your goal weight, some reverse dieting may be in order.

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