What To Watch Out For To Avoid Overtraining and Sabotaging Your Workouts

If you have to ask yourself, how much is too much exercise, then there might be a chance that you are overdoing it with your fitness routine. There is such a thing as overtraining and while you might not realize it, working out too much isn’t good for you and can lead you to sabotage your future workouts.

Every fitness blog or trainer out there will stress on the importance of the recovery period of your routine. Not only is this period of time helping to repair and rebuild your muscles, but by actively engaging in the recovery period you prevent exposure to serious injury.

Additionally, working out for an excessive amount of time, or too many times a day, can leave you feeling fatigued and end up hindering your overall performance at the gym.

Telltale Signs to Watch Out for Overtraining

If you have to ask yourself if you are working out excessively, you most likely are and should take a rest day. However, the following are other signs to watch out for to help you decide if you are overtraining and need to spend time recovering instead.

Sign No. 1: Your resting heart rate is unusual

If your heart rate is altered in any way, this could be a sign that your body is trying to adjust to the excessive workouts you are putting it through. Make sure to check your heart rate in the morning and take note that if it is unusually high or low, you might need to talk to a doctor.

Sign No. 2: You can’t finish a full workout

If you’re having trouble lifting your normal set of weights, you won’t have the energy or the stamina to complete your sprints or run. This is the simplest sign of your body being overworked. If you’ve been feeling weak or lethargic lately, it might be time to indulge in a rest day.

Sign No. 3: You’re having trouble going to sleep

When you overtrain and overdo it with the cardio workouts, your nervous system can remain excited all the time, which contributes to restlessness and irregular sleeping patterns when you’re trying to sleep.

Sign No. 4: Your muscles are constantly sore

Soreness should go away after 24 to 48 hours and if it lasts for more than 72 hours, you need to get some rest. If you experience prolonged stress, your muscles are not going to rebuild properly because they are not being given the time to recover properly.

Sign No. 5: You experience mood swings

When you overtrain, your stress hormones are triggered, resulting in a hormonal imbalance that can cause mood swings, irritation and an inability to focus. This means that you are not only exhibiting negative energy, but your overall performance is negatively affected as well.

Sign No. 6: You seem to be constantly sick

If you seem to be getting sick all the time, you might be overdoing it with your training. While you’ve been maintaining good health and have done nothing to expose yourself to infection, overtraining can cause your immune system to break down, which means it’s time to take a much-needed rest day.

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