Why You Need To Get Regular Massages To Compliment Your Workouts

Just hearing the word “massage” ignites a relaxing memory in our muscles and brains. With the soothing essential oils and the bliss of being detached from technology, massages are an excellent way to heal your overworked muscles and can help with maximizing your performance during your workouts.

While massages are popularly known to reduce stress and ease any tension you might be holding on to, they are actually really useful to incorporate into your pre- or post-workout routines.

And, we don’t mean giving yourself a massage, we’re talking about getting a professional massage from trained physical therapists who are able to access trigger points to alleviate any tightness that you are unable to treat by yourself.

How Massages Can Help With Your Workouts

The following reasons will get you running to a massage therapist to boost your fitness routine and promote muscle recovery.

1. Promotes Quicker Recovery

A 2015 study conducted by researchers from Ohio State University concluded that getting massages increased the regeneration process of muscle fibers, especially when the massage is done post-workout.

Post-workout massages can help to loosen up the stiff muscles, which further promotes muscle recovery and cleanses the system from toxins that contribute to sore muscles. This way you can get back to the gym sooner.

2. Helps Treat Injury

With injuries such as sprains and other strains, it is common for your muscles to become tight and stiff as they try to heal themselves. By getting a professional massage, you will loosen these muscles and get them back to their original shape.

Professional physical therapists are trained to know how the muscles should look and feel, and therefore they know how to use their movements to promote quick healing of injuries.

3. Prevents Injury

Because massages can help to loosen and contract stiff muscles, they increase blood flow, enabling the muscles to stretch more. So, when you head to the gym to work out, you reduce your risk of getting injured in the process.

Always make sure to listen to your body and only push yourself as far as you can go without hurting yourself. If you are feeling any prolonged pain while exercising, make sure to visit your doctor before injuring yourself further.

4. Manages and Reduces Stress

Massages can also boost your mental stress by allowing you to relax and let go of any stress and tension you might be holding on to.

The soothing 30 to 60 minutes you spend getting a massage will relieve your emotional tension and keep your spirits lifted throughout the day, not to mention how great your body will feel after the relaxing session.

5. Increases Flexibility

Since massages help to loosen up the muscles, they can also promote flexibility by reducing any stiffness. As we age, our flexibility starts to deteriorate and if we do not stretch enough, we tend to lose more of our flexibility.

Making appointments for regular massages can, therefore, help to bring back the flexibility you have lost and give your muscles a much-needed stretch.

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