Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play Sports

Children today have a knack for avoiding sports and playing with their electronics instead. With low social interaction and constant stimulation of various video games, they will miss out on the chance of having meaningful experiences and learning life skills.

While your kids are in school, there are multiple opportunities for them to foster new friendships, develop special bonds with their team members and find out what sports they excel at.

Pushing your kids to participate in various sports teams can have numerous benefits to your child’s physical health and overall mental well-being. Sports can help to shape character and build inner strength that your child will take with them throughout their life.

Why Your Children Should Play More Sports

Whether you sign your child up for basketball or soccer, encouraging your kids to play sports is probably one of the most beneficial things you could do for their self-esteem and take them away from playing video games all day.

1. Promotes Teamwork and Leadership Skills

An essential part of playing on a team is that you have to work with a group of individuals and develop a way to work together in synergy to achieve a common set of goals.

Playing sports usually involves relying on different members of your team in order to effectively play the game. Your child will develop communication and problem-solving skills that will be helpful during the course of their life.

2. Boosts Happiness

Exercise releases feel-good hormones that keep you feeling happy and uplifted for a long period of time. Some research has shown that team athletes are happier than children who do not participate in any sports.

Playing sports with team members will help your child stay happy and improve their mood outside of their sports, which will keep them optimistic and positive when taking on daily responsibilities.

3. Reduces Stress

Playing sports is an excellent stress buster for your kids. Children often have a ton of homework, chores and other responsibilities, such as studying for finals that make them stressed and anxious.

Playing sports can help with relieving stress, allowing children to let go and focus on their team instead. The bonds formed with their team members also provide a support system when they need to vent and relax.

4. Gives a Sense of Belonging

Being a part of a team fosters a sense of belonging due to the bond that is created between the athletes.

School can often be difficult to navigate through all the different groups and cliques, but when you’re a part of a sport, your teammates become your friends and you know you have people you can rely on.

5. Teaches Discipline

Sports can help your child to be disciplined as they learn to play by the rules and follow their coach as he or she guides them through the game.

While developing good discipline, athletes inevitably also learn the importance of commitment and how crucial it is to be there for their team in order to succeed.

6. Helps with Employment Opportunities

Some studies have shown that children who engaged in playing team sports were looked on more favorably by employers during interviews.

While the interviewers did not know if the candidate was an athlete or not, the study showed that children who played sports in high school made better employees.

7. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying fit and healthy starts at a young age and is important to maintain mobility and flexibility for when we get older. Playing sports also helps to combat obesity, which can lead to diabetes and other health issues.

Additionally, in order to compete efficiently, a good diet must be maintained while alcohol and other substances should be avoided. Therefore, children who play sports often refrain from these substances and end up living healthier lives.

8. Improves Memory and Focus

When you play a sport, you are required to concentrate on something. Whether it’s to dribble a basketball across the court or stop a ball from making a goal, every athlete engages their brain to perform these activities.

While you improve your concentration and focus, running around for your sport not only keeps your heart rate up, but it also helps to boost your brain health, specifically when it comes to memory and learning.

Playing a Sport Involves Fun

Besides all the physical and mental health benefits, playing sports is a lot of fun and once your child finds a sport that they love, they will be thoroughly invested in the game and will enjoy being out on the field.

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