Why You Need To Start Working Out On A Trampoline ASAP

Who would have thought that bouncing around on a trampoline can actually bring you tons of health benefits? Since we always promote switching up your workout routine every once in a while, why not add a trampoline to the mix and give your muscles a fun way to push through a challenging workout?

Jumping on a trampoline, also known as rebounding, is a popular low-impact workout that is thoroughly enjoyed by many individuals today.

A great way to mix fun and exercise, rebounding engages your abs, glutes and legs while promoting strength to your cardiovascular system and your immune system and helps you to burn a ton of calories as you exercise.

Benefits of Exercising on a Trampoline

Safe on your joints and an excellent way to reduce stress, trampoline workouts can also be a social event by bringing all your friends along and jumping your way to health and happiness.

1. Promotes overall balance and good posture

Exercising on a trampoline has shown to improve your balance and promote good posture. Improving your balance is especially important as you get older in order to prevent functional limitations and reduce the risk of falling.

2. Helps to detox and cleanse the body

With each bounce on the trampoline, your lymph fluid circulation improves, which contributes to the detoxification of impurities from the body. The continuous bouncing back and forth causes lymphatic drainage, working to remove impurities, bacteria and other damaged cells from the body.

3. Strengthens cells and boosts cardiovascular function

Jumping on a trampoline will get your heart pumping, and therefore, strengthen your heart in the process. Rebounding helps to improve endurance, strengthening the cells and improving oxygen intake as we exercise.

4. Improves immune system function

Due to the increased lymph fluid circulation, your immune system function also improves due to greater white blood cell activity. By experiencing increased lymphatic draining while bouncing, overall circulation is improved, which contributes to strengthening your immune system.

5. Enhances overall athletic performance

Some studies have shown that individuals who rebound tend to perform better during weight lifting exercises. Not only will you master the art of jumping on a trampoline, but rebounding will also increase your athletic abilities and improve your performance during other workouts.

6. Reduces body fat

A great way to build muscles and tone your body, the detoxifying effects of jumping on a trampoline promotes fat loss and helps to firm the muscles of the legs, hips, abs and arms. Additionally, you also increase your agility from bouncing on a trampoline.

Trampoline Bounce 101

Here’s a quick guide to help you get your trampoline workouts started:

  • Start by standing on the trampoline with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and bend your elbows slightly.
  • With a slight bend in your knees, start to bounce up and down with your feet hovering a few inches off the trampoline.
  • Warm-up by jumping about 20 to 30 times.
  • You’re ready to get your workout started!

Trampoline workouts are beneficial for individuals of all ages. However, make sure that children are always supervised when bouncing on a trampoline.

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