Whether you’re the host or not, the holiday season brings with it its own share of stress. When you feel suffocated and overwhelmed with prep, take a step back and calm your nerves with these yoga exercises.

1) Corpse Pose: Stay in the corpse pose for three minutes as the meditative state releases stress and rejuvenates you by lowering blood pressure and anxiety.

2) Pigeon Pose: This hip-opener pose is an energy booster, something that we need during holiday season. It releases stress from your hips by working on the glutes and groin muscles.

3) Mountain Pose: This pose improves posture and balance, and strengthens the back. The steady breathing calms you and increases concentration.

4) Downward-Facing Dog Pose: The breathing and stretching of the cervical spine and neck relaxes the mind and head. Also, the act of bending downwards improves blood circulation in the body.

5) Bridge Pose: The stretching of the spine, hip and chest strengthens the muscles, improves blood circulation and calms the brain and the central nervous system.

6) Legs Up The Wall Pose: It stabilizes blood pressure, relieves cramps and tiredness of the legs, and alleviates lower back pain.

7) Cat Pose: This pose releases tension from the spine and improves spinal fluid and blood circulation.

These yoga poses will not only reduce stress, but also rejuvenate you.