brogan yoga for men

It’s funny how yoga was started by men in India, traveled to western continents, and became a way of fitness for women. If men attend a yoga class that is generally filled with women, they get labeled effeminate, or the presence of testosterone disturbs women, especially when one is doing downward facing dog. On the flip-side, men too feel self-conscious around women who can bend backwards and contort their limber bodies, while the boys struggle to simply touch their feet.

This is perhaps what prompted Robert Sidoti and Adam O’Neill to put the Bro in Yoga. The co-founders of Broga reiterate that it focuses on the physical and strengthening aspects of yoga; no chanting, finding your center, and sitting like a pretzel for these bros.

Besides, a workout for men has always been about muscle power and body contouring—not about flexibility. However, stretching exercises that are integral to yoga are a great way to reduce the stiffness that comes with strength and weight training, and bounce back from workout injuries.

Give the brother some time and space, and he’d love to dish out an asana or two, albeit in a way he understands best, and in the presence of his fellowmen.

According to their website, Broga ‘combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.’ So, you can expect a mix of push-ups and some HIIT with your yoga postures.

Either way, let’s make one thing clear: it is not a dumbed down or simple form of yoga; it is a modification, much like Fat yoga, and Yoganja (Pot Yoga).

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