If you watched the Emmys this year, you probably may have had a hard time recognizing Lady Gaga on the red carpet; at least not before you did a double take. It would seem that she’s traded her wild side for a more sophisticated and chic style statement, and has left the shock-and-awe cheap thrills to Miley Cyrus.

So what brought on this rather drastic, but welcome, change in the Paparazzi singer? Our theory is that marriage has a lot to do with it. Well, whatever it is, she’s looking better than ever and is out there sharing the deets of her diet and workout routine for all those who wish to get on the yoga bandwagon.

Fab Abs & Yoga Zen
From what we hear, she never skips her workouts. She keeps a consistent schedule and follows the program her long-time trainer Harley Pasternak has created for her. It includes a good mix of exercises for her abs and booty.

If you need to lose the love handles, want ab definition, or even just a midriff you’d be proud to show off, just drop and do reverse crunches like the A-lister. The move strengthens your core and lower back, improves posture, reinforces the spine, and best of all, is a simple mat exercise that can be done anywhere.

The singer is also a big fan of yoga and has committed to being a yogini for a while now; her favorites are Bikram and hot power yoga. She’s also a fan of paddleboard yoga, which is an endurance building variation that requires you to execute yoga poses while maintaining your balance on water. “Yoga makes me feel like I can do anything,” she says.

Lady gaga

Diet Diaries
Of course, you must factor in her diet if you’re going to take a cue from her workout. After all, it’s your diet that contributes more to your weight loss than exercise, and Lady Gaga definitely watches what she eats.

It seems she follows Harley’s 5 Factor diet—she eats 5 meals a day (two meals and three snacks). According to studies, replacing the traditional three meals a day with a meal plan consisting of five to six smaller meals keeps the metabolism moving quickly. If you have a high metabolic rate, you’re going to burn calories faster and you’ll reach your fitness goals even sooner.

You’d think a celebrity workout would be some convoluted mess of permutations-combinations that are impossible to follow, but Gaga’s fitness philosophy is really quite simple and doable, isn’t it? Don’t know about you but we’re certainly keen to give it a shot.

Images Via Instagram/Lady Gaga

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