Michelle Obama put arms back in the spotlight last year. They were the focus body part for exercise among women all over the world, and while many hit the gym to shape and tone, others resorted to yoga. Here are three asanas that will get rid of your bye bye birdie arm flaps.

Chaturanga Dandasana, Or Bent Arm Plank

Step 1: From plank position, reach back through your heels and contract your abdomen.
Step 2: Next, start bending the elbows, until your forearms lightly touch the sides of your rib cage; creating a 90 degree angle. Hold this position for five deep breaths (in and out through your nose).
Step 3: Lower yourself all the way to the ground.
Step 4: Now inhale back to plank, and repeat five times.

Adho Mukha Svanasana + Makarasana Or Downward Dog + Dolphin Lifts and Lowers


Step 1: From downward dog (five breaths), bend your elbows toward one another.
Step 2: Next, lower your forearms to the ground, allowing your elbows to release shoulder-width apart. Hold for five breaths.
Step 3: From here, lift back into downward dog by pressing into your hands.
Step 4: Now lengthen your arms, lifting your forearms back into down dog. Start with five reps and progress as you get more comfortable.

Purvottanasana Or Upward Plank Pose

Step 1: From Dandasana (basic seated asana), place your hands one elbow distance from your hips (behind you), fingers pointing inwards. Those who are taller can rotate the fingers to point behind.
Step 2: Tighten and contract your legs and hips, and point your toes.
Step 3: Now raise your chest, stomach and hips up toward the ceiling.
Step 4: Slowly drop your neck back, gazing at your third eye (between your eyebrows).
Step 5: Try to touch your toes to the floor. Hold for five breaths and then slowly release pose.

With these three exercises, you can flaunt those strapless dresses and tank tops, all year round. Just grab a mat every morning and dedicate 30 minutes to yoga.

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