Yoga Poses To Loosen Up Your Lower Body And Open Up Your Hips

Our sedentary habits of sitting at a desk all day and staring at our computers and phones have gotten us into a lot of trouble. Not only are we harming our health, but we are also creating stiffness in our hips and other muscles in our lower body.

Taking the time to relax and stretch your hips is important to keep your hamstrings and glutes strong and healthy. Additionally, stretching and loosening up your hips can help to avoid putting a strain on your lower back and prevent any pains and aches.

Yoga Poses to Open Up Your Hips

Incorporating a few simple yet effective yoga poses can help you open up your hips and give your lower body a much-needed stretch to open up and give you relief.

1. Child’s Pose


  • Spread your knees out wide and extend your arms straight out toward the edge of your mat.
  • Sink your hips in deeper and relax your forehead on the mat as you stretch.
  • Spread your fingers out wide and focus on your breath.
  • Hold this pose for 2–3 breaths.

2. Half Pigeon Pose


  • Start by kneeling on the floor and extend your right leg behind you. Keep your left knee bent, bringing your left foot close to your right pelvic bone.
  • Flex your toes and lean forward slightly.
  • Place your arms on your mat for support and shift your gaze to the front.
  • Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

3. Bound Angle Pose


  • Sit with your legs extended out in front of you and inhale.
  • Exhale to bend your knees and bring your heels together to touch. Your knees should drop out to the sides.
  • Grab your heels and bring them as close to your pelvis as you comfortably can and don’t force your knees closer to the ground. Let them be comfortable.
  • Hold this pose for as long as you can and release.

4. Fire Log Pose


  • Get into a comfortable seated position and keep your shoulders up and your upper arms back.
  • Bring your left foot under your right leg and toward your right hip.
  • Stack your right leg on top of the left and make sure that the right ankle is outside the left knee.
  • As you press through the heels, spread your toes and keep your front torso long.
  • Fold forward from your groin, placing your palms on the floor in front of your shins.
  • Focus on your breath and hold this pose for 60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

5. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose


  • Sit in a relaxed position with your legs extended out in front of you.
  • Bend your right knee and bring your right foot to cross over your left leg.
  • Pull your left leg under and rotate your torso about 90 degrees to the right. Place your left elbow on the outside of your right thigh.
  • As you inhale, lengthen your spine and exhale to deepen the twist.
  • If possible, wrap your right arm behind your back as you reach for your left hand for an added challenge.
  • Focus on your breath and hold this pose for 60 seconds. Switch sides and repeat.
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