AcroYoga | Take Your Practice to New Heights. Literally.

Bringing together the wisdom of yoga, the powerful practice of acrobatics and love from the healing hearts, AcroYoga allows you to work with your partner and spruce up your yoga routine to add a little bit of fun and power to your physical and mental health.

While partner-balancing works to boost concentration, the therapeutic massaging elements prove to provide stress relief to the mind and body. AcroYoga also strengthens the entire body and is a great workout to engage in for individuals of almost all ages.

3 Primary Roles of AcroYoga

AcroYoga practice has three primary roles that include the following:

  • The Base
  • The Flyer
  • The Spotter

The Base

The base refers to the individual who has the most point of contact with the ground. This person is often lying on the ground with his or her entire back torso in full contact with the floor.

Having contact with the ground enables both the arms and legs to be ‘bone-stacked’ for maximum stability with the base’s main role to support the flyer.

The flyer has contact with the base through the feet, which are generally placed on the flyer’s hips, groin or lower abdomen, as well as contact with the hands, which either form handholds or are used to grasp the shoulders of the flyer.

The Flyer

The flyer is the individual who is elevated off the ground using the support of the base. The flyer performs a series of dynamic poses and positions while relying on gravity to do the rest.

It is important for the flyer to have good balance, confidence, and strength in order to maintain the different positions. As you practice to become a flyer, you inevitably work on these characteristics, therefore, improving your physique.

The Spotter

As an individual whose main concern is that the flyer lands safely, the spotter has an objective view of the partners and can provide suitable suggestions to the base and flyer on how to improve their form.

Benefits of AcroYoga

Why AcroYoga? The fact is that AcroYoga can bring the body and mind a lot of strength, power, and mental health benefits from practicing the different positions and poses.

An AcroYoga routine is not easy, and the feeling of accomplishment that you can get from practicing this routine is extremely beneficial overall.

The many benefits of AcroYoga are the following:

With AcroYoga, you can build a community together from your love of the practice. AcroYoga combines powerful elements of different exercises, therefore, practicing this form of yoga can do wonders for you in the long run.

Precautions to Take with AcroYoga

One must exercise caution while doing AcroYoga as it is more vigorous than many traditional yoga practices and may lead to injuries. Make sure to practice AcroYoga under a trained professional in order to be safe and have proper guidance during your practice.

Quick FAQs

1. How many calories do you burn during AcroYoga?

Depending on your weight, gender, and metabolism, you can look to burn about 175 calories per hour of AcroYoga.


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