Sleeping Butterfly Pose | Induce Relaxation and Allow Yourself to Sleep Better

Yoga poses come with different variations that work to add comfort or increase the challenge of performing the pose. Sleeping Butterfly pose is a variation of the Bound Angle pose and part of the Butterfly pose family that boosts relaxation and helps to relieve symptoms of mild depression.

Sleeping Butterfly Pose (Suptabhadrasana)

Sleeping butterfly pose or Suptabhadrasana, in Sanskrit, is a meditative asana that relaxes the body and invokes calmness in the mind. If you have trouble falling asleep, sleeping butterfly pose might be able to help.

Sleeping Butterfly Pose Directions:

  • Start by sitting in Sukhasana or any easy seated position that is relaxing.
  • Extend and stretch both legs out in front of you.
  • Gently bend your legs so that your knees point outward and bring the soles of your feet together with your heels and toes touching each other.
  • Slowly start to lay back down, keeping the soles together. Place your hands by your sides.
  • Stay in the asana for as long as you are comfortable.

Benefits of Sleeping Butterfly Pose:

Sleeping butterfly pose brings various benefits to the body and especially to the mind. If you are ever feeling stressed out or anxious, practicing the sleeping butterfly pose will help you relax and take the edge off.

Added benefits of sleeping butterfly pose include the following:

Sleeping Butterfly Pose Precautions:

Performing this pose involves bending the legs and lying on your back. A little bit of flexibility is required, therefore, if this is your first time practicing this pose, make sure to practice under an expert practitioner to avoid any injury.

It is best to avoid practicing sleeping butterfly pose under the following conditions:

  • Chronic injury to the knees and ankles

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